QuickBooks® Immersion

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This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

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QuickBooks Basics To Get You Up and Running With Confidence
  • Choose the method for accessing QuickBooks features that best suits how you use your computer
  • Use the Easy-Step Interview to get your company financials started
  • Learn to customize the built-in lists (Vendors, Fixed Asset, Price Level, Sales Tax Code, Terms, and more) to suit your company's specific needs
  • Understand QuickBooks workflows to ensure related transactions are entered correctly
  • Use QuickBooks' Coach Mode to work and learn at the same time
Your Chart of Accounts: Spend Time Setting it Up Now, and You'll Save Time in the Future!
  • Learn to set up your chart of accounts so your reports are accurate
  • Assess how your chart of accounts can save your accountant time — and save you money!
  • Identify when to use subaccounts to get an even more accurate picture of where your money goes
  • Learn to merge accounts when you have several that need to be integrated
QuickBooks Tracking — Built-in Features to Easily Run Highly Detailed Reports
  • Learn to accurately track and bill for the cost of mileage
  • Find out how QuickBooks can help you track your time and make billing easier
  • Use classes to track trends and performance within your business
  • Utilize the Items tracking feature to keep track of everything you buy and sell
  • Set up your 1099 contractors and prepare 1099 forms with QuickBooks
Payables and Receivables — Keeping Track of Your Income and Expenditures
  • Create professional-looking invoices in a snap
  • Print invoices via the Invoice Printer, or send invoices through e-mail
  • Record payments and generate receipts
  • Pay and record bills; write, print, and mail checks
Save Hours of Time With QuickBooks' Many Customizable Report Options
  • Navigate through QuickBooks' various report categories
  • Customize reports so that they provide the information you want, presented the way you want it
  • Gain easy access to additional reports online
  • Print reports as documents or create PDF files to e-mail to other users
  • Use QuickBooks reports to display a "snapshot" of the financial health of your company
    Balancing your accounts against your bank's records using QuickBooks' Reconcile feature
  • Using the Backup Options and the Backup Wizard
  • Restoring your QuickBooks data after a computer malfunction or accident
  • Using the Audit Trail Report when your accounts don't balance properly
QuickBooks® Immersion
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