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Whether you need payroll training for your own office or for your clients, CPA Training Center can help! We offer a number of payroll training classes on the various payroll compliance requirements, including great training for payroll basics and best practices.

We offer a variety or payroll training courses for accounts, including payroll seminars, payroll webinars, and payroll certifications that can be used to help grow your knowledge and your business. Simply click on the applicable link(s) below.

So whether you are looking for training for doing your own payroll - or want to offer Payroll as a service to your clients - we've got the training for you!

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Payroll Seminars

Our in-person seminar will get you up-to-speed on payroll quickly and easily.Payroll Webinars & Audio Conferences

CPA TrainingCenter offers a number of Payroll Webinars and Audio Conferences that provide training on Payroll basics, Payroll compliance, and Payroll best practices, as listed below.

Please note that our Payroll Webinars are offered via Live and On-Demand formats, as well as recorded via CD.Payroll Certification Courses

We offer a number of online Payroll Training courses for many of the day-to-day payroll processes. These include everything from basic payroll best practices to handling fringe benefits, garnishments, multi-state taxation, and more! Simply click the course title below or use the search box at the bottom of this page to find your desired training.

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To see other payroll training courses, select "Payroll" from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.

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What Is The Role Of A Payroll Accountant / Payroll Administrator?

A payroll administrator's job includes wage and hour law compliance, benefits withholding, making payroll deductions for items such as federal and state payroll tax, garnishments and levies, flexible spending accounts, and insurance, then distributing paychecks or making direct deposits.

Payroll Administrators also have to keep track of paid leave such as vacation and sick time, as well as any ADA, FMLA, COBRA, and Workers' Comp leave, make federal and state payroll tax deposits and returns, and fill out the applicable payroll-related forms.

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