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Sales & Use Tax Training Courses

If you have questions about sales and use tax laws, you're not alone. There are 7,500 different taxing jurisdictions in the United States alone, and they routinely tax the same products differently. It's easy to understand why our sales and use tax laws are considered among the most complicated in the world.

To add to your challenge, state governments are aggressively pursuing new avenues of taxation. Faced with a slumping economy, they want a bigger piece of the revenue pie. Clearly, your job has never been more difficult - or important - to your organization.

Further, Internet sellers face a murky and sometimes ill-defined landscape with respect to sales and use taxes that are impacted by both state law and federal constitutional principles.

What Is Sales & Use Tax? How Does It Work?

Sales Tax
Sales tax generally can be described as a tax imposed by state and local governments that is paid by apurchaser of goods and services.

Use Tax
Use tax is a tax that you have to pay if you purchased a product or service and did not pay any sales tax. Generally, it is for out-of-state purchases of taxable items that will be used, stored, or consumed in one's state of residence and on which no tax was collected in the state of purchase.

Sales & Use Tax Implications For Your Clients

If you work as an advisor, you need to know your client's sales and use tax needs, classify its products or services correctly, and understand its sales and use tax issues. Knowing, and helping your clients with their sales and use tax training, will further cement your relationship and develop audit business for you.

About Our Sales & Use Tax Training Courses

One of the reasons Sales & Use Tax rules can be so tricky is that there are so many different topics to cover. Possible areas that may fall under Sales & Use Tax can include:
  • Administration of Sales & Use Tax
  • AmnestySales & Use Tax Workshop
  • Audits
  • Construction
  • Credits and incentives
  • Exemptions
  • Nexus
  • Sales tax rates
  • Tax compliance and automation
  • Tax holidays
  • Value-added tax
Sales & Use Tax Rules can apply differently to a variety of industries, including:
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Leasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Software/Hi-Tech
  • Telecommunications
  • Unclaimed property
  • Utilities & transportation

Find Sales & Use Tax Training Courses

The CPA Training Center offers several Sales and Use Tax training courses. Simply click on a Recommended Course below or use the search box to find your desired SOX training courses. FYI, our Sales & Use Tax training courses cover:
  • The most commonly misunderstood aspects of sales and use taxes
  • The sales and use tax requirements in your state - and all other jurisdictions where you have tax liability
  • Where to find the latest changes in sales and use tax laws that govern your industry
  • How to streamline your recordkeeping without putting your company at risk
  • How e-trade is affected by sales and use tax
  • Emerging state approaches to taxing Internet vendors
  • How to protect your company against audit surprises
  • Tax savings opportunities and exemptions you may not be aware of
Note: CPE credits apply to some of these courses.

Best-Selling Training Courses:

Instructor-Led: Virtual/In-Person Seminars
Instructor-Led: Webinars
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About Our Sales & Use Tax Training Courses

Our Sales & Use Tax Training Course Formats
  • In-Person Seminars
    Some people learn best with direct in-person learning. Its for these individuals that we offer our in-person "Sales & Use Tax Seminar". In just one day, you will absorb a tremendous amount of incredibly useful sales and use tax information. From the basics - such as the difference between sales tax and use tax and how to know which applies and when - to the four kinds of tax states and your legal relationship with them to identifying where your company has nexus, we'll cover it all.

    You might think that would be enough by itself, but this seminar offers so much more, including unraveling multi-state transactions, preventing the most common filing mistakes and how to make your records practically audit-proof. If you think that's a lot of information at a relatively low cost, you don't know the half of it.
  • Webinars Or Audio Conferences
    If you are the type of person that doesn't have the time or inclination to travel to a class in person, we have plenty of sales and use tax training options for you too. For example, you can try our "Commonly Encountered Sales & Use Tax Audit Issues—And Strategies to Diffuse Them" course (see link above), available as a live webinar or recorded on CD.

    This course tackles all the steps you can take to minimize audit liabilities in today's tax environment. It includes a review of recent auditing and taxation trends as well as the most problematic issues that arise during audits and how to deal with them. This course can be an invaluable resource, and like our other sales and use tax classes, it can quickly pay for itself many times over.

    Another one of our extremely popular audio conferences is our "Sales and Use Tax Determination Headaches" course. This audio conference is designed to help you unlock the mysteries of working in the multi-state environment. It covers the different characteristics of taxes, the four types of taxing states, Nexus issues and audit techniques.

Why Sales Tax Training Courses

The CPATrainingCenter offers several sales tax training courses, including sales tax seminars where are
sales tax classes cover:
  • The difference between a sales tax and a use tax
  • The key factors that determine which tax applies in each situation
  • How to know which tax rate applies when multiple jurisdictions have competing claims
  • The correct way to value self-constructed assets for use tax purposes
  • Common inventory withdrawals that are subject to use taxes
  • The most prevalent filing mistakes and how to prevent them
  • When you are personally liable for tax mistakes and how to make sure this never happens
Our courses contain the critical information that you need to protect your company from the pitfalls of Sales & Use Tax laws. So what are you waiting for? Register for one of our sales tax training courses today!
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