Network Security Essentials

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1. Defining The Distributed Information Technology Environment

  • Defining A Network
  • Network Terminology
  • Computing Models: Centralized And Distributed
  • Shared Data Networks
  • Distributed Computing: Client/Server, Peer-To-Peer, Middleware
  • Major Risks To Network Security
  • Defining The Scope Of Network Security And Audit Programs
  • Locating Network Security Control Points

2. Developing A Reference Framework For Network Security And Audit: Network Standards And Protocols

  • Protocol Defined
  • Network Communications Standards And Rules For Communications
  • Categorizing Network Protocols: Media Access, Internetworking/Transport, And Application/End-User Services
  • Protocol Stacks: Frameworks For Networking
  • Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model
  • Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Network Addresses: Physical/Media Access, Logical Numeric And Domain Names
  • TCP/IP Application Ports: Foundation For All Network Security And Audit Risk Analysis

3. Demystifying Network Media Access Technologies: Local Area Networks (Lans) And Wide Area Networks (Wans)

  • Geographical Network Delineation: PAN, LAN, CAN, MAN, WAN
  • Untangling The 'Nets: Internet, Intranets, And Extranets
  • Common Network Transmission Media: Twisted Pair Copper Wire, Fiber Optics, Wireless
  • Physical LAN Topologies: Bus, Ring, Star, Tree
  • Logical LAN Topologies: Ethernet, FDDI
  • WAN And Internet Connections: Analog Dial-Up, Leased Lines, Residential Broadband
  • Switched WAN Network Services: Frame Relay, ATM, MPLS
  • Surveying Wireless Technologies, Risks, And Safeguards: Personal Area, Local Area, Wide Area
  • Security And Audit Considerations For Wired And Wireless Media Access Connections

4. Network Interconnection Devices: Functionality, Management, And Security

  • Positioning Network Devices In The OSI Reference Model: Btidges, Switches, Routers, Wireless Access Points
  • Network Domains And Segmentation
  • Network Device Maintenance/Management Port Access Security
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Enterprise Authentication Systems: TACACS+, RADIUS, Diameter
  • Best Practices For Network Interconnection Device Security And Audit

5. Enterprise Network Directory Services Security And Audit

  • Overview Of Critical Network Directory Services
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Directories
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Securing And Auditing Directory Services

6. Keeping A Lid On Network Host Services Security

  • Common Server And Workstation Vulnerabilities And Risks
  • TCP/IP Applications And Associated Risks
  • Host And Network-Based Tools For Locating And Assessing Active Network Services Security
  • Developing A 3-Layer TCP/IP Application Risk Analysis And Management Methodology
  • Detection And Protection Of Network File Sharing
  • Remote Control Program Do's And Don'ts
  • Averting The Perils Of Networked Printers, Print Servers, And Multi
  • Function Office Devices

7. Circling The Wagons: Network Perimeter Security

  • Hacker Intrusion Objectives
  • Network Security Strategies
  • Legal Warning Banners
  • Network Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Architectures And Key Control Points
  • Network Firewalls And Proxy Servers: Policies, Architectures
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems
  • Remote User Authentication Credentials
  • Network Encryption And Virtual Private Networks (VPNS)
  • Reducing The Risks In Using Software As A Service (SAAS)/Cloud Computing
  • Best Practices For Network Perimeter Security And Audit

8. Wrap-Up: Performing A Network Security Risk Analysis

  • Identifying The Network Assets And Control Points
  • Categorizing The Threats And Associated Risks
  • Vulnerability Management: Identifying, Tracking, And Closing Serious Network Exposures
  • Defining "Perfect" Network Security
  • A Practical Strategy For Information Security
  • 12-Point Plan For Success
Network Security Essentials
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