2019 Accounting Webinars

Listed below is our 2019 accounting webinar calendar. Most titles are available via live, CD, and On-Demand formats, and many offer industry-specific credits. Simply click a title for more details.
Payroll Records: What To Keep, What To Toss
This audio conference covers the rules for identifying, filing, retaining, protecting, and destroying your important payroll records.
Available Versions:
Live on: 5/1/2019. Also available via CD, On-Demand
Garnishments, Child Support Orders, And Other Levies
This training session gives you tools to better understand the responsibilities that a company has regarding garnishments, Child Support orders, and levies under state and federal guidelines such as Consumer Credit Protection Act, IRS levy requirements, and state-specific levy and garnishment withholding requirements.
Available Versions:
Live on: 5/3/2019. Also available via CD, On-Demand
Series 6 Top-Off - Live Webinar With OnDemand Playback
Our Series 6 Virtual Course includes both print and online study tools designed to fit your study style and schedule. We know you're a busy professional, and we know you need to pass, the first time!
Available Versions:
Live on: 04/22/2019
Live on: 05/04/2019
Live on: 05/20/2019
Live on: 06/01/2019
Series 7 Top-Off - Live Webinar With OnDemand Playback
Our Series 7 Top Off class includes both print and online study tools designed to fit your study style and schedule. We know you're a busy professional, and we know you need to pass the first time!
Available Versions:
Live on: 04/22/2019
Live on: 05/13/2019
Live on: 05/20/2019
Live on: 06/17/2019
Masterful Time Management
This webinar will equip you with the tools and tips to getting things done effectively and efficiently, and resolving time-eroding issues as they pop up.
Compensation Basics
This training session will give you the tips and best practices to make your base pay program a roaring success!
Accounting Method Changes Under The Tax Bill
Make sure you are up-to-date on the latest revisions to the tax accounting method change procedures.
Creating And Managing A Budget In Excel®
Learn how to use Excel® tools to help you get your budget done efficiently and more quickly than you are doing it now.
Payroll Pitfalls To Avoid
This training session will cover the top ten mistakes of payroll professionals and how to fix them. Listen as the presenter discusses solutions to how your payroll department can be compliant with federal laws.
New, Simplified Rules For Employee vs Independent Contractor Classification
During this program, you will learn how to properly use and pay independent contractors - and assist in avoiding costly worker-classification audits.
Dealing With Subpoenas, Summonses, Garnishments, Tax Levies, etc.
Learn how to deal effectively with these documents and the parties who serve them upon you.
Marijuana Tax Issues And Reporting Requirements
Compliance with federal and state tax laws in the marijuana industry can be complicated. Gain a better understanding of current marijuana tax issues and reporting requirements.
Correct Reporting And Tax Treatment Of Fringe Benefits
Make sure you are in full compliance when reporting your company’s fringe benefits.
Payroll Reconciliation And Reporting
In this audio conference, you will learn payroll reconciliation and reporting tips that will help you - and the rest of your company - sleep better knowing both your workers and the government are happy with payroll.
Post-Wayfair: Economic Nexus Standards In State Taxation
Understand emerging trends in this area and why merely having customers in states with new economic nexus statutes could subject you to new business tax liabilities.
IRS Rules For International, Inpat, And Expat Payroll
Learn how to properly pay employees in foreign jurisdictions, how to run a shadow payroll in the United States, and how to work with a third party provider who may be performing the tax equalization for these workers.
8 Steps to Improve Cross-Selling
Learn how to boost morale among the troops so they can boost service delivery and cross-selling!
Partnerships And Section 704(c)
Prevent errors and penalties and gain a better understanding of Section 704(c) provisions.
Payroll Tax Update
Gain a better understanding of the most pressing payroll tax issues you may face this year.
The New And Enhanced FBAR And FATCA Requirements
Make sure you are prepared for the next round of offshore tax enforcement.
Federal Income Taxation Of Employee Fringe Benefits After The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act
The tax implications of fringe benefits have changed significantly under the new tax law – make sure you understand the changes in determining your fringe benefit policies.
Relieving Sales Aand Use Tax Determination Headaches
Managing your multistate tax environment to reduce your exposure to audit in a post-Wayfair world.
How To Document Your Payroll Procedures
Every payroll professional knows that they must ensure that all employees are paid accurately, that contracts and wage and hour laws are adhered to, and that each paycheck is taxed properly.
Advanced Tax Return Analysis For Banking And Financial Professionals
Learn several advanced tax return concepts and related analyses.
Form W-9: Payee Identification And Tax Determination
Prevent costly penalties and learn how to safely manage requirements and procedures surrounding Form W-9.
Multi-State Payroll Tax Compliance
Many states have become aggressive when enforcing their non-resident state income tax withholding rules, and state payroll tax auditors are now questioning whether or not you have workers "performing services" in their state. By attending this audio conference you will learn taxation and reporting requirements for all states where your organization has employees working - or in some cases - living.
Reporting Headaches For Auditors Under The New Professional Standards
Take an in-depth look at the top issues auditors face under the professional standards update.
IRS Form 1099 From The Inside Out: Reporting Updates 2019
Increase your understanding of the current Form 1099 regulations and be prepared for revised IRS filing deadlines.
Partnership Taxation: Allocations In Partnership And LLC Agreements
Gain a better understanding of calculating the partnership basis adjustments and distributions and the impact on partner level gain or loss calculations.

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