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Listed below are On-Demand webinars and audio presentations. All have run within the last six months, so all are up-to-date and timely.

Business Consulting For CPAs
The course will help you understand: where consulting business opportunities exist, what are the firm’s professional responsibilities and most importantly how to recognize the needs of the client.
Available Versions:
Live on: 07/26/2019
Live on: 08/07/2019
Live on: 08/20/2019
Live on: 09/09/2019
Series 6 Top-Off - Live Webinar With OnDemand Playback
Our Series 6 Virtual Course includes both print and online study tools designed to fit your study style and schedule. We know you're a busy professional, and we know you need to pass, the first time!
Available Versions:
Live on: 07/24/2019
Live on: 08/03/2019
Live on: 08/21/2019
Live on: 09/07/2019
The Art Of Marketing For CPAs
To make more money in less time, all accountants need to learn to market themselves effectively to their clients or their firm.
Available Versions:
Live on: 07/23/2019
Live on: 08/06/2019
Live on: 08/21/2019
Live on: 09/06/2019
Estate Planning And Trusts For CPAs
This course will cover the types and uses of the various planning alternatives and equip CPAs to advise clients and work with legal counsel to find the best solutions for the client.
Available Versions:
Live on: 08/07/2019
Live on: 08/07/2019
Live on: 10/02/2019
Live on: 10/02/2019

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