Audit Report Writing Boot Camp

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The Building Blocks of Writing to Achieve Results
  • Discover the building blocks of writing to achieve results in audit reports
  • Use the building blocks for evaluating all forms of writing in audit reports
  • Fixing the Macro before addressing the micro
  • Understand the importance of following a writing process in audit report writing
Writing Basics: Determining Audience and Purpose
  • Review the principles of good writing
  • Identify your audience
  • Be clear about your purpose
  • Identify the essential information the audience needs given your purpose
  • Determine how to communicate as clearly and concisely as possible
  • Understand the importance of word choice
  • Seek feedback before you send to the reader
  • Writing from a viewing point vs. a point of view
Mindmapping: Organizing for Results
  • Learn a method for thinking critically, organizing logically and prioritizing strategically
  • Establish a desired result
  • Generating ideas and information related to audience and purpose
  • Organizing, discussing, and prioritizing ideas and information
  • Presenting a final mindmap and receiving feedback
Transparent Structure: Making Reading Easy
  • Learn and practice using a wide range of graphic tools that help make organizational structure transparent to the reader
  • Formatting documents to make reading and comprehension easier
  • Creating visually appealing audit reports
Cutting the Clutter
  • Demonstrate the importance of clarity and conciseness
  • Enhance the readability of reports
  • Learn how to become a better editor of your own writing
  • Identify redundant words
Making Sentences Make Sense
  • Emphasize the importance of making every thought in writing clear to the reader
  • Communicating ideas clearly
  • Identify run-on sentences and learn to edit from the viewpoint of the reader
Writing Findings and Recommendations
  • Understand the Deming quality management concept as it applies to report writing
  • Identify the five components of a well-written Finding and Recommendation
  • Practice organizing your thoughts before your write
  • Write a Finding and Recommendation from the view point of the reader
Fixing the Micro
  • Realize the importance of noun/pronoun agreement
  • Realize the importance of subject/verb agreement
  • Recognize the importance of parallel structure in sentence formation and bulleted items
  • Become familiar with using a grammar reference manual (The Gregg Reference Manual)
  • Review the six most common editing problems
  • Review the six most useful editing techniques
  • Review the seven most common proofreading problems
  • Review the six most useful proofreading techniques
  • Identify 25 common errors in an audit report
Audit Report Writing Boot Camp
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