U.S. Tax Treaties: What You Need To Know

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About This Course:
Income tax treaties play an integral role in international business transactions, impacting taxpayers whose activities cross borders into the jurisdiction of one of the U.S.'s many treaty partners.

In the uncertain international business environment we currently find ourselves in, it's more important than ever for companies to understand the benefits of income tax treaties and how they affect and benefit cross-border planning.

This webinar will provide you a background of the fundamental aspects of income tax treaties: including why treaties are so important, how they are enacted, and how they impact existing domestic legislation.

The major treaty provisions of the U.S. Model Treaty will be reviewed so that you will understand how treaties apply to various business activities and cross-border transactions.What You'll Learn:
  • General Purpose of Treaties
  • Legal Basis of Treaties
  • U.S. Treaty-Making Process
  • Interpretation of U.S.Treaties
  • Discussion of Treaty Provisions
    • Eligibility for Treaty Benefits
    • Residency Rules
    • Permanent Establishment
    • Business Profits
    • Dividends, Interest and Royalties
    • Limitation on Benefits
    • Administrative Provisions
    • Other Provisions
  • Treaty-Based Return Positions
  • U.S. Treaty Network
U.S. Tax Treaties: What You Need To Know
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