Payroll Wage & Hour Training & Certification Program

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About This Course:
Learn The Payroll Wage & Hour Requirements

The Payroll Wage & Hour Training &Certification Program helps educate HR and payroll professionals about wage and hour requirements.

The Program includes plain-English descriptions of the various requirements, processes, and procedures, as well as numerous examples, administrative tips, and interactive Q&A to help provide valuable insight into compliance requirements. And because it is an online course, you can take the program - and review the materials - at any time from the comfort of your home or office.What You'll Learn:Our Payroll Wage & Hour training course will teach you about:
  • FLSA Notice Posting Requirementscertified payroll administrator
  • Properly "classify" workers (that is, differentiate between and 'Independent Contractor' and an 'employee', and 'Exempt' vs. 'Non-Exempt')
  • Identify 'Highly Compensated Workers', 'Outside Sales Employees', and other worker types
  • Know the rules for travel pay, waiting time, overtime, and 'rounding of hours'
  • Comply with new-hire and child labor laws
  • Apply the various deductions and exemptions
  • Calculate gross pay
  • Properly make deductions
  • Implement and follow the various payroll policies, procedures, and documentation requirements
About The Payroll Wage & Hour Training &Certification Program

This course is sold as an annual subscription with four components: the training course itself; access to all training materials as a resource for one full year; free updates whenever the law changes, and; a Certified Administrator designation. Access to resource materials, free updates, and a new Certificate are available for subsequent years for a low renewal fee of $99 per year.
Continuing Education Credits:

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Payroll Wage & Hour Training & Certification Program
Price: $599.00
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