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US Tax Considerations For Non-Resident Taxpayers Series

Online Course: ID# 1005968
Price: $499.00
About This Course:
Demonstrate your competency and increase your or your firm's earning power by taking our 'International Tax Specialist' course, which helps you to provide US tax considerations for non-resident taxpayers.

Until now, training options for international tax specialization have been limited, despite demand vastly exceeding supply for decades.

The need for this specialized knowledge to appropriately advise is growing, and has created enormous opportunity for those with the requisite knowledge to develop a lucrative, expansive, and sought-out practice.

These opportunities are particularly noteworthy among American non-residents and those without existing United States advisors who often require broad advice from an American service professional.

What You Will Learn

Our 'International Tax Specialist' program essentially provides United States tax considerations for non-resident taxpayers, and features ten different modules, as shown below.

Courses included are:
  • Classification of Nonresident Entities (2 Hours)
  • Tax Classification of Individuals (1 Hour)
  • Transfer Taxes for American Nondomiciliaries (2 Hours)
  • Compliance Requirements for Nonresidents (1 Hour)
  • Foreign Investment in United States Real Property (1 Hour)
  • Income Tax Inclusions for Nonresidents: Statutory Rules (1 Hour)
  • Income Tax Inclusions for Nonresidents: Tax Treaty Modifications (2 Hours)
  • Income Sourcing Rules (2 Hours)
  • Nonresident Taxation: Introduction to Considerations (1 Hour)
  • Nonresident Taxation Planning Opportunities and Practice Considerations (1 Hour)
Your 'International Tax Specialist' program will guide you through the use of both hypotheticals and real-life examples, with fact patterns presented at the outset of each program and referenced throughout the program to promote active learning.

How To Access Your Course

Upon enrollment, you will receive an email from the course provider (Lambers) with information to access your course. You will have full access to the course and it's modules for one full year.

About Your Certificate

Upon completion of the course and you passing the accompanying exam, you will earn a certificate as a "United States International Tax Specialist", which will be available for download.
Continuing Education Credits:

Click the 'Credits' tab above for information on PHR/SPHR, PDCs, and other CE credits offered by taking this course.
US Tax Considerations For Non-Resident Taxpayers Series
Price: $499.00
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