IFRS For CPA Candidates

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About This Course:
The AICPA will start testing International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS) starting with the January 2011 exams!

Be Prepared

Yaeger CPA Review has put together a comprehensible, yet manageable, introduction to the new world of IFRS presented by Gary Bulmash. The AICPA has decided that, even though the U.S. may not be actually adopting IFRS until sometime later, they are going to start testing these new accounting standards in January of next year.

Gary Bulmash, DBA, CPA

Gary is a leading authority on Financial Accounting and Auditng standards, and now the new IFRS method for Financial Accounting. He has designed a manageable, (only 3+ hours), yet comprehensive discussion of IFRS for CPA candidates who will be testing as of January 1, 2011.

Course Includes:

  • 3+ Hour DVD Video Lecture
  • 13 Page Handout

This is designed for NON-Yaeger 2011 students. All Yaeger 2011 courses have already incorporated the IFRS and International Auditing Standards.

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IFRS For CPA Candidates
Price: $295.00
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