Human Resources For Anyone With Newly Assigned HR Responsibilities

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Laws And Practices That Comply: How To Stay On Top Of Federal Rules And Regulations
  • The laws every HR professional should know regarding FLSA, EEO, OSHA, FMLA, ADA, and HIPAA
  • Smart practices that will keep your organization out of legal trouble and minimize liability
  • Are your current practices legally sound? How to troubleshoot potential legal hot spots and avoid the courtroom
  • Tips for educating employees on written — and unwritten — company policies
  • The training every employee must receive to ensure safe and legal procedures within your organization
Safe Hiring and Firing Practices: Critical Legal Issues for All HR Professionals
  • Legal hiring practices — what you may and may not ask in an interview (and why)
  • Before you make the offer: a checklist of steps every HR professional must take before hiring
  • References, background checks, and drug tests — the legally safe way to get the information you need
  • Guidelines for legal termination of an employee
  • Legally correct documentation — and how long to keep information in the employee file
Benefits Administration: Policies and Procedures to Help You Help Your Employees
  • Benefits essentials such as workers' compensation, FMLA, and COBRA
  • Types of benefits and how to educate employees on their eligibility
  • Exempt, non-exempt, part-time, contractor, temporary — the key differences among these employee classifications
  • Ways to get employees to see the HR department as a positive resource
  • Steps to take when benefits change … for the better or the worse
Recordkeeping and Records Retention: How to Create an Efficient, Effective, and Legally Compliant Program
  • A list of employee records you must have access to at all times
  • Records the government requires — and how to prepare for an audit
  • Employee files: what goes in, what stays out, and who has access
  • Storage methods for keeping confidential records safe and secure
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Human Resources For Anyone With Newly Assigned HR Responsibilities
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8am-3pm CDT; 9am-4pm EDT
7/22/2020 (9:00 - 4:00pm local time)
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