How to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations in the Workplace

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About This Course:
Discover practical, proven methods for managing workplace conflict!

Be honest. Has uncontrolled anger, excessive conflict, or unchecked emotion cost you too much? Has the price been overwhelming anxiety and stress? Poor productivity? Lack of cooperation and teamwork in the workplace? Tension at home? A stalled career? Loss of self-respect?

If you have the courage to admit that the cost has been too high, we have the life-changing answers for you.

This powerful conflict management training presents an exciting, innovative, solution-driven approach to the inevitable conflicts that arise at work and at home. You'll discover practical, proven alternatives you can use in the most difficult, frustrating situations.

Conflict, strife, and opposing points of view are part of the workplace and part of life - you can't change that. But you can learn to be better at managing conflict when it does occur. After this dynamic, transforming seminar, you'll experience an incredible, positive change in yourself (and everyone around you will notice it, too)!

Enroll today, and learn to be the master of your own emotions and the calm in the center of the storm.What You'll Learn:
  • How to predict a problem situation long before it reaches the crisis stage - and avert it entirely!
  • The secret to keeping poise and control when everyone around you loses it
  • Escape routes from the traps of infighting and backstabbing
  • Emotional "first aid" - be able to save yourself when you feel your emotions spinning out of control!
  • Ways to repair damaged relationships - at work, at home, with anyone!
  • How to meet conflict and disagreement head-on, and reach a mutual understanding
  • What it takes to keep your own cool - and prevent others from losing theirs!
How to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations in the Workplace
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