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H-1B Visa Training

About This Course:
The webinar covers the H-1B basics, such as when a U.S. employer should engage in the H-1B process and what roles the U.S. employer and H-1B worker play in the process.

This training session provides an overview of a typical H-1B case, including elements you need to prove in order to file an approvable H-1B petition with the government, how to deal with requests for evidence, and a discussion of DOL and USCIS compliance requirements.What You'll Learn:
  • H-1B Classification
  • The Role of Employer and Employee in the H-1B Process
  • Does Job Require a Specific Bachelor Degree or Higher?
  • Does Worker Have That Degree?
  • Does Employer Qualify? - USCIS H-1B Fraud Sheet
  • Change of Status, Extension of Status or Consular Processing?
  • Consular Processing when H-1B Employee Travels
  • H-1B Process: Timeline
  • Job Description
  • Prevailing Wage Determination
  • Labor Condition Application (LCA)
  • LCA Public Access File
  • Filing I-129 with USCIS
  • RFEs and 2010 Neufeld H-1B Memo
  • Q&A
Bonus Materials

You also receive training materials that include timelines, costs, and forms used for H-1B filings.
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