GOLD Online Video CPA Self-Study Course - All 4 Parts

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Price: $2,000.00
About This Course:

CPAexcel delivers the knowledge and the instructional
expertise from top CPA Exam review course
professors to CPA Exam candidates worldwide.

CPAexcel Students Pass the CPA Exam at Exceptionally High Rates and Pay Just Half the Price of other Leading Courses

Year after year, CPAexcel students pass the exam at nearly twice the rate of all other exam candidates! From 2004 through the 3rd quarter of 2010, the average pass rates have been:

  • CPAexcel Students....87%
  • National average reported by the AICPA....47%


This Classic Self Study Course contains everything you need to pass the exam while giving you the flexibility to study at your own pace, on your own schedule. Consider this powerful combination of study tools:


There are separate textbooks for each exam section that covers the complete scope of the specified AICPA content.

At the front of each textbook, the author provides advice concerning the emphasis of the questions on the CPA exam, to guide students in completing their studies.

Each textbook is a series of "bite-sized" 3-10 page lessons (with Proficiency Questions) following the same sequence as our online courseware.


Exam Planner
Just enter your desired exam dates or available study hours and the Exam Planner instantly creates a Personalized Exam Plan (PEP). Your PEP is a timeline showing the exam events that will require your action (e.g. apply to sit) and the study assignments you need to complete to be ready to pass each exam.

Course Manager
Using those dates, it presents your assignments and logs your progress in completing the assignments. Use it to create a Private Study Group so you and others may study on the same schedule and have Private Discussions. You may also create other courses.

Electronic Study Text
Over 2,800 pages of exam-targeted study text written by professors at some of the top accounting schools in the country (UT Austin, Northern Illinois, CSU Sacramento).

Proficiency Questions
Over 6,200 questions designed to quiz and test your reading comprehension and basic subject knowledge.

Set yourself up for success by assessing your basic knowledge before tackling exam questions. No other review course offers Proficiency Questions.

Past Exam Questions
Over 4,000 AICPA exam questions with full rationales explaining precisely why each choice is either wrong or right.

Digital CPA Flashcards
More than 2,900 electronic flash cards cover crucial testing points in each exam section.

Created by former CPAexcel student Christine Howard who was the first person in history to get a perfect score on all four exam sections on the first try.

We continue to update Christine's cards regularly for our students. Perfect for quickly reinforcing and testing your knowledge in all exam areas.

46 full 40 to 50 minute simulations delivered through an exact replica of the user interface you will encounter on the CPA Exam.

Simulated CPA Exams
Minimize exam anxiety by taking the CPA Exam ahead of time!

Simulated CPA Exams mirror the actual exam all the way down to the number, type and mix of questions, time-limits and break policies.

Take it as often as you want. Each time you'll get new questions and a full report of your scores detailing your strengths and weakness in every topic.

Private Study Groups
Private Study Groups enable friends and colleagues - wherever they are - to study on the same schedule and communicate privately. Any CPAexcel student may create a Private Study Group and invite other CPAexcel students to join.

Final Review
Much like a dress rehearsal before going on-stage opening night, CPAexcel's Final Review includes the Exam Tutor and Simulated CPA Exams to fine-tune your performance and boost your scores before the CPA Exam.

Free Software and Content Updates
Our students benefit from the simplest, most generous guarantee in the industry. We deliver free software and content updates to our students until they pass the CPA Exam. No conditions, no exceptions.


Professor Mentoring

Professor Mentored Learning provides access to CPAexcel's subject-expert professors who give you prompt answers to your questions and offer guidance.

Answers in 24 hours or less: Post your question, and get the correct answer every time from experienced subject-expert Professors.

Archived discussions: Access prior archived discussions, so you can often find the answer that you need immediately and see what types of questions your peers are asking.

Expert team of professor mentors: Every CPAexcel mentor is a distinguished university professor and an expert in their field. With access to prompt answers from these professors, there is no question you can't answer.


Refund Policy

Refunds must be requested within 10 business days of purchase and are subject to a 15% processing and restocking fee. Refunds of printed materials will not be processed unless materials are returned in as-new condition within 14 days of the refund agreement and have been inspected and accepted by customer service.

GOLD Online Video CPA Self-Study Course - All 4 Parts
Price: $2,000.00
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