Games Trainers Play

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About This Course:
Perhaps you have to train all the tellers on a new product and you want to keep them from falling asleep. Or you want to liven up your monthly staff meeting. Maybe you want to get staff from different areas of the financial institution interacting to increase productivity and morale. This special train-the-trainer webinar will show you how to incorporate tips, techniques, and training games to enhance learning, increase participation, and make meetings and training sessions more fun. Trainers and meeting leaders will learn a variety of new games, as well as obtain insights, tips, and techniques about incorporating games as a training tool.

Covered Topics:

  • What makes a training game work
  • What makes a training game not work
  • Rules of thumb for conducting training games
  • Great new icebreakers to use in meetings and training sessions
  • Exciting new "energizers"
  • A safe and nurturing way to "role play"
  • Ways to liven up "factual" material
  • Guidelines for designing your own training games
  • Ways to incorporate free training game resources

Who Should Attend?
Trainers, Training Coordinators, anyone who conducts training, staff development, or anyone who runs meetings.

The Presenter
Margaret DeMarino is a corporate trainer, specializing in the area of written and verbal communication, supervisory skills, administrative training, and customer service. Known for her functional webinars and workshops filled with practical pointers, Ms. DeMarino offers workshops and webinars to a wide range of clients including, banks and financial institutions, manufacturing companies, state and federal government agencies, and others. Ms. DeMarino holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from the University of Dayton and was a Fellow of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute at Yale University. She also currently free-lances for the Hartford Courant.

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