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FMLA Training & Certification Program

Online Course: ID# 1000003
Price: $599.00
About This Course:
Learn The FMLA Compliance Rules And Requirements - And Earn An FMLA Certification!

FMLA usage is on the rise, and more and more employees are enforcing their rights through the courts.

When an employee misses work, it is the employer's responsibility to determine whether FMLA applies. You can't afford not to know the rules, so we'll teach you about how does FMLA work!!

Training For FMLA Compliance Guidelines For Employers

Understanding all of the intricacies of the Family Medical Leave Act can be a daunting task, and if you misinterpret or unintentionally not comply with any of the FMLA requirements, your organization can be fined.

Whether you are new to employee benefits or are an experienced Human Resources professional, our FMLA Certification course will provide all of the latest information on FMLA compliance and the FMLA guidelines for employers, including the intermittent FMLA guidelines. It also will help you understand questions such as employer FMLA requirements and how does FMLA compliance work, including:
  • When does FMLA start, what does it cover, and how long does it last certified fmla administrator
  • What can FMLA be used for
  • FMLA notice requirements
  • FMLA Return-To-Work guidelines
  • FMLA Intermittent Leave rules
  • Can an employer deny FMLA leave
  • What can an employer do if it suspects FMLA abuse
  • Best Practices for employer FMLA requirements and FMLA documentation
What You'll Learn:More than just a read-along format typical in printed books, our FMLA certification course provides details into the FMLA requirements for employers, and includes numerous examples, "Administrative Tips", and "Procedural Recommendations", as well as scenario-based, multiple choice interactive quizzes (with answer rationale provided) that test your ability to apply the correct procedures and processes learned during training that are key to FMLA administration.

When you complete your FMLA Training & Certification course, you should be able to:
  • Distinguish between family leaves and medical leaves and know which are subject to the law
  • Understand the FMLA notice requirements
  • Know best practices for FMLA's Return-To-Work guidelines
  • Tips for handling FMLA Intermittent Leave requests
  • Determine when an employee on FMLA Intermittent Leave has used up his or her "12 weeks"
  • Understand the different considerations for determining a leave year, and the advantages and disadvantages of each approach
  • Develop notices that comply with the various technical requirements of FMLA
  • Comply with the DOL's employment restoration and benefit protection rules
  • FMLA documentation, recordkeeping, and compliance requirements
  • What to do to identify and investigate potential FMLA abuse
Excerpts, Screen Shots, And Agenda:

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Click here to view the full Course Agenda.

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Program Benefits:

  • Award-winning, easy-to-use interface that includes numerous "Administrative Tips" and examples that highlight key learning areas
  • Interactive Q&A with answer rationale provided to help ensure learning and check your progress along the way
  • Procedural recommendations that provide key processes and procedures
  • Access via the Internet allows you to study at your pace and access materials anytime, anywhere
  • Special "Bookmark" feature that allows you to learn at your own pace and quickly return to training if you are interrupted
  • FREE updates when the law changes
  • Eight hours of HRCI PHR and SPHR re-certification credits
  • Eight hours of SHRM PDC re-certification credits
  • FMLA certification exam to become a "Certified FMLA Administrator". Your exam is taken online and scored immediately, and you can download your Certificate right from your computer! You'll also be able to view any incorrectly answered exam questions so you can improve any areas of weakness

Organizations enrolling three or more individuals also receive our Management Interface at no cost, allowing managers to view employee progress, test scores, and incorrectly answered test questions.

Other Details:

  • This self-paced, online course consists of multiple "Lessons" of 20 to 30 minute duration, with a bookmark feature available. Approximate completion time is 8 to 10 hours for those who are new or slightly experienced FMLA administrators; 6 to 8 hours for experienced FMLA administrators.
  • Our FMLA certification course is sold as an annual subscription with four components: the training course itself; access to all training materials as a resource for one full year; free updates whenever the law changes, and; a Certified Administrator designation. Each year thereafter, you have the option to continue access to your materials, updates, and a new Certificate for only $99 per year!
  • Organizations with 100 or more employees requiring FMLA training can customize this course. Please call us at 770-410-1219 for details.
Prefer In-Person Training?

We also offer an in-person training seminar on both FMLA and ADA compliance. For more details, go to Certificate Program In FMLA & ADA Compliance
Continuing Education Credits:

Click the 'Credits' tab above for information on PHR/SPHR, PDCs, and other CE credits offered by taking this course.
FMLA Training & Certification Program
Price: $599.00
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