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Forensic Certified Public Accountant (FCPA)

Become A Forensic Certified Public Accountant

Forensic Certified Public AccountantSeeking FCPA training? Then you've come to the right place! offers FCPA training and certification courses for those individuals interested in earning the prestigious Forensic Certified Public Accountant designation.

A Forensic Certified Public Accountant is an individual who carries expertise as a CPA and a forensic accountant. Forensic CPAs utilize accounting and auditing skills, but also apply investigative skills to uncover what actually took place in a particular financial setting or transaction.

A Forensic CPA has the accounting and investigative knowledge to present evidence in a court of law to get an indictment or settle any kind of financial civil dispute.

Forensic accounting and fraud examination are different, but related. Forensic accounting is done by accountants in anticipation of litigation and can include fraud, valuation, bankruptcy and a host of other services. Fraud examination can be conducted by accountants or non-accountants and refers only to antifraud matters. Thus, this designation is for CPAs who want to differentiate themselves as forensic specialists.

Recommended Forensic Certified Public Accountant Course offers candidates the required curriculum of the FCPA designation, listed under the recommended courses below.

Or if you need to fulfill your annual CPE requirement for the FCPA designation, simply search under "Continuing Education" in the search box below for "Fraud / Forensic Accounting", and select your state.

Recommended Training Courses:

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Required Curriculum

Candidates who wish to become a Forensic Certified Public Accountant must successfully complete the 5 courses which utilize the FCPA Study Guide and following textbooks:
  • Corporate Fraud Handbook
  • Criminal Interrogation and Confessions
  • Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic and Investigative Accounting
  • Principles of Fraud Examination
The recommended study time for each of the 5 courses is approximately 20-25 hours.


  • To become an Forensic Certified Public Accountant, there are no minimum age, education, citizenship, or residency requirements
  • An individual must be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CA (Chartered Accountant), or another country's CPA equivalent to be eligible to receive the FCPA (Forensic Certified Public Accountant) designation
  • If an individual is a licensed CPA and a CFF (Certified in Financial Forensics), he or she is exempt from taking the certification exam and can automatically receive their FCPA. Simply fill out the application form and mail it in along with your first year's dues.
  • If a person is a licensed CPA and also a CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), he or she is exempt from 2 of the 5 exams. He or she does not have to take:
    • Corporate Fraud Handbook
    • Principles of Fraud Examination
    However, he or she must take the following exams:
    • Criminal Interrogation and Confessions
    • Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting
    • Forensic and Investigative Accounting

FCPA Certification Exam

The following is specifics about the FCPA Certification exam:
  • 5 Sections – Each section of the exam contains 100 multiple-choice questions and covers one book; 3 hours and 20 minutes is provided to complete each exam. Candidates are not required to take all of the exams at the same time
  • Passing Score – 70% or greater
  • Exam Window – 12-month testing window from the time the first test is taken
  • Exam Facility – Each exam is offered online as a windows-based test
  • Exam Fee – $50 per part
  • Retake Fee – There is a $50 fee to retake any one exam

Ongoing CPE/Responsibilities

Forensic Certified Public Accountant designees are required to:
  • Submit annual membership dues in the amount of $150
  • Complete 20 hours of Forensic Accounting CPE annually

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