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CPA Exam Prep - Part 4: REG

Online Course: ID# 1005979
Price: $249.95
About This Course:
The CPA REG exam is designed to test the candidate's knowledge of the regulations governing the practice of accounting. This exam, like all CPA exams, was developed to demonstrate the skills designed to protect the public interest.


Ethics, Professional Responsibilities and Federal Tax Procedures
  • Ethics and responsibilities in tax practice
  • Licensing and disciplinary systems
  • Federal tax procedures
  • Legal duties and responsibilities
Business Law
  • Agency
  • Business structure
  • Debtor-creditor relationships
  • Government regulation of business
Federal Taxation of Property Transactions
  • Acquisition and disposition of assets
  • Cost recovery (depreciation, depletion and amortization)
  • Estate and gift taxation
Federal Taxation of Individuals (including tax preparation and planning strategies)
  • Gross income (inclusions and exclusions) (includes taxation of retirement plan benefits)
  • Reporting of items from pass-through entities
  • Adjustments and deductions to arrive at adjusted gross income and taxable income
  • Passive activity losses (excluding foreign tax credit implications)
  • Loss limitations
  • Filing status and exemptions
  • Computation of tax and credits
  • Alternative minimum tax
Federal Taxation of Entities (including tax preparation and planning strategies)
  • Tax treatment of formation and liquidation of business entities
  • Differences between book and tax income(loss)
  • C Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited liability companies
  • trusts and estates
  • Tax exempt organizations
How Our CPA Exam Prep Program Works

To top off your learning and get you prepared for your CPA exam, our CPA Review Course includes our famous 'Test Prep Software'. You simply will not find a more powerful adaptive test engine anywhere. This unique, one-of-a-kind, triple-testing methodology of our adaptive software is the best choice to guarantee your success on test day.

Our three modes are what make the difference:
  • Pretest Mode:
    Diagnostic exam determines immediately where you stand and establishes your baseline knowledge. No need to waste valuable time studying what you already know.

  • Adaptive Drill Mode:
    Once you know where you stand, spend your time drilling on your weak areas. A custom study plan drills you over and over turning your weaknesses into strengths. Don't understand a question? Thorough explanations are right at your fingertips ensuring you learn, understand, and retain the most complex concepts of the exam. Plus imagine the time saved not having to flip through a thousand-page book!

  • Simulated Mode:
    Once you master the adaptive drills, take your newfound knowledge and build your confidence in our simulated exams. In this mode the exams are timed to put pressure on you, with tough exam quality questions to create a "realistic" preparatory testing environment to ensure you have the endurance and stamina come test day.
While in all three modes, we track your progress recording every move you make. Watch in amazement as your weaknesses start turning into strengths.

You will not find more accurate content. There's a right answer, a wrong answer, and then there is the IRS answer. We prepare you for the exam so there are no surprises on test day. We teach you and prepare you the way the IRS wants you prepared.

Our method works. There is not a more effective way to prepare for the CPA exams. We don't offer 10,000 questions. That's by design. You don't need to, and you aren't going to go through 10,000+ practice questions. What we do instead is focus on exactly what you need to know to pass the exam. Then we make sure you know it, know how to apply it and are going to be successful on test day.

How To Access Your Course

Upon enrollment, you will receive an email from the course provider (Lambers) with information to access your course. You will have full access to the course and it's modules for one full year.
CPA Exam Prep - Part 4: REG
Price: $249.95
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