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Searching for Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) exam training? Then you've come to the right place! offers Certified Information Systems Auditor training and certification courses for those individuals interested in earning the prestigious CISA designation.

The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) designation is the undisputed professional credential for IS audit, control, assurance and/or security professionals who wish to set themselves apart from their peers. The CISA certification has been renowned as the globally recognized achievement for those who control, monitor and assess an organization’s information technology and business systems.


The content of the exam is continuously modified to reflect changes in technology and practices. Every five years or sooner, a thorough job practice analysis is conducted to determine the tasks and knowledge required of individuals aspiring to become CISAs. Below are the various content areas and examination weighting percentages:
  • The IS Audit Process (10%)
  • IT Governance (15%)
  • Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management (16%)
  • IT Service Delivery and Support (14%)
  • Protection of Information Assets (31%)
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (14%)
Recommended CISA Exam Prep

In order to successfully pass the exam and achieve CISA certification, you must complete adequate study and prep for the exam. If your first experience with CISA exam questions is at the testing site, your chances of passing on the first try will likely be poor. Fortunately, you will find everything you need to completely prepare for the CISA exam and approach the test with confidence right here.

Agent Broker Training Center offers both instruction CDs and in-person seminars to aid you with CISA exam prep. We understand that everyone learns differently, and we want to provide the information in a way that is most useful to you. For some, that means an in-person class with direct interactions and the ability to ask questions of the instructor on the spot. For others, it means directed self-study, with lessons on CD that you can review at your own pace on your own time. Or, perhaps you feel that you can benefit from both courses. It’s entirely up to you.

You can choose:
  • In-Person Seminar Course:
    This is an intensive course that runs from 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. each day until the last day, which ends at 3 P.M. You will learn all the essential areas that you are likely to encounter in your CISA exam questions, through lessons administered by an experienced, trained CISA professional. Areas covered can include IS audit process, IT service delivery and support, information asset protection, business continuity and more. The course comes with the CISA Review Questions and Answers Supplement, and after each section, you will receive sample CISA exam questions to familiarize yourself with the test and the types of questions you may see.
  • CD CISA Exam Review Course:
    This course is the latest in CISA exam prep. When you order, you will receive the ExamMatrix CISA Exam Review Software, the most sophisticated CISA software on the market. ExamMatrix is an AI test prep program that can create a customized study plan based on your study needs and areas where you require greater focus. The user-friendly dashboard makes keeping track of your progress simple. With this course, you’ll enjoy over 1600 practice CISA exam questions with in-depth explanations, so you can fully understand the correct answers for any you get wrong. You’ll also get digital reference books, detailed reporting, focused reading assignments, unlimited practice exams and more. You won’t find software that better prepares you to sit for the CISA certification exam. When you sit down to take the test after spending hours with this software, you’ll know exactly what to expect and be fully confident in your ability to achieve a passing grade on the exam.
See below for how to select the course you need.

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About the CISA Certification Exam

It is recommended that you become an ISACA member before taking the CISA exam. ISACA membership can confer numerous useful benefits, including dramatic discounts related to CISA requirements, particularly with respect to the CISA exam cost. If you are a non-member, the fee to take the CISA Exam is $760. With ISACA membership, it drops down to $575.

The CISA is scored according to a 200- to 800-point scale. You must receive a scaled score of at least 450 to pass and qualify for CISA certification. Even though you will not receive a printed score result until later, you will get a preliminary pass/fail notification on the screen after you complete the test.

Once you have written verification of passing the CISA exam, you can apply for certification with the ICASA. You will have a $50 fee for the certification application.

CISA Examination Requirements

The CISA exam is a four-hour, 200 multiple-choice question, computer-administered exam. The exam is administered twice per year, in June and December, at an internationally recognized professional testing agency.

Approximately two to three weeks prior to the CISA exam date, candidates will receive both a physical admission ticket and an e-ticket. Tickets will indicate the date, registration time and location of the exam, as well as a schedule of events for that day and a list of materials candidates must bring with them to take the CISA exam.

Candidates will be notified of their test scores via mail approximately eight (8) weeks after the test date. Successful candidates will receive, along with a score report, an application for CISA certification. Unsuccessful candidates will receive, along with a score report, a copy of the new CISA Bulletin of Information.

Designation Requirements

The CISA designation is awarded to those individuals with an interest in Information Systems auditing, control, and security who have met and continue to meet the following requirements regarding:
  • Successful completion of the CISA examination
  • Experience as an Information Systems Auditor

    • A minimum of five years of professional information systems auditing, control or security work experience is required for certification
    • Substitutions and waivers of such experience may be obtained
    • Experience must have been gained within the 10-year period preceding the application date for certification or within five years from the date of initially passing the examination
  • The Code of Professional Ethics

    • Members of ISACA and/or holders of the CISA designation agree to a Code of Professional Ethics to guide professional and personal conduct.

  • Adherence to The Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Policy

    • Upon completing the requirements for initial certification, the CISA will be provided with the CPE policy booklet for detailed criteria to be used in developing a personal CPE program

  • Information Systems Auditing Standards

    • Individuals holding the CISA designation agree to adhere to the Information Systems Auditing Standards as adopted by ISACA.
Continuing Education Requirements

Designees must complete a minimum of 20 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) annually, and a minimum of 120 contact hours is required during a fixed 3-year period. Also, designees must remit an annual maintenance fee.
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