Auditing Applications Against SDLC And Coding Standards

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About This Course:
This one-day workshop is designed to give the auditor a practical simulation regarding key concepts to assess during an application audit.

The workshop also walks you through examples and scenarios IT auditors would face when evaluating the design and operating effectiveness of common internal controls of business applications.

The workshop will be based on a series of situations IT Auditors normally encounter when auditing business applications. You will work together to walk through real-life examples to assess controls, including testing results and determining the appropriate audit response.


Application Level Logical Access–RBAC
  • Developing and maintaining roles
  • Alerting to role changes
Coding Standards
  • Meting OWASP for web; mobile and iOT
Software Development Lifecycle
  • In-house vs. vendor delivered
  • Requirements gathering
  • Testing and test data
  • Asymmetric vs. symmetric
  • At rest/in transit
Contextualization of IT
  • Security considerations
  • Platform considerations
  • OS considerations
  • Application considerations
Cloud Based Applications
  • Contract
  • SLA
  • Right to audit
  • Log files
  • Retention and destruction
Learning Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Strongly suggested to take with Intermediate IT Audit School
Advance Preparation: None
Auditing Applications Against SDLC And Coding Standards
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