Anti-Audit Warfare: How to Avoid or Beat an IRS Audit

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About This Course:
The odds of going through an audit without facing additional taxes are 4-to-1 against you.

That's why no taxpayer should file a return without first reading our 32-page special report, Anti-Audit Warfare. This one-of-a-kind insider's guide tells you exactly what to do when your client gets an audit notice in the mail. You'll be making all the right moves, thanks to savvy tips like these:
* the latest red flag items the IRS looks for on returns
* how to reconstruct records legally
* when it's possible to sue the IRS and recover sizable sums
* and much more!

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Flying Below the Radar Screen

  • Your Chances of Being Audited
  • Table 1: Percentage of Taxpayers Audited in IRS Regional Areas
  • Table 2: Audit Odds in More Detail
  • Learn the 'Rules of Combat'

First Line of Defense: Your Tax Return

  • Arm Yourself With Good Recordkeeping
  • How Long Must Tax Records Be Kept?
  • Table 3: Recommended Retention Periods
  • Enlist IRS Help With Tax Return Questions
  • Private Letter Ruling
  • Determination Letter
  • Technical Advice Memorandum
  • Don't Trust Everything the IRS Tells You
  • If You Do Get Audited . . .

A Look at the IRS War Machine

  • IRS' First Line of Offense: Computers
  • Second Line of Offense: The Human Touch
  • What Raises Eyebrows?
  • Is Your Return Waving Red Flags?
  • Table 4: Average Deductions
  • What Are the 'Safe' Deductions?
  • Other Reasons for Being Audited

Surviving the IRS Bullet

  • How to Handle the Audit Letter
  • Three Types of Audits
  • Correspondence Audit
  • Contact Letter From the IRS
  • What the IRS Wants to Check
  • Office Audit
  • Field Audit

Know Your Taxpayer Rights

  • Your Advocate at the IRS
  • Liberalized Innocent-Spouse Rules

Handling a Correspondence Audit

  • Negligence Penalty
  • Example of Correspondence Audit and Resolution
  • Sample Correspondence Audit

Meeting the IRS Face to Face

  • The IRS Is Prepared-Are You?
  • Battle of the Bulge
  • Should You Send a Representative?
  • Deciding to Go It Alone
  • Dredging Up Those Old Returns and Documents
  • How to Reconstruct Your Records-Legally
  • Table 5: Documents Needed to Verify Audit Items
  • Form 2848: Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative

Enduring an Office Audit

  • Meeting the IRS Auditor
  • How Your Audit May End

Bracing for a Field Audit

  • Strategic Moves
  • Get the Right Professional Help
  • Don't Get Ambushed by 'Financial-Status' Audits
  • Be Ready to Grant a Power of Attorney
  • What If You Are Targeted?
  • 'Good Grief! Auditors Who Really Understand My Business'
  • Form 4549: Income Tax Examination Changes

Winning After Losing a Battle

  • Be Careful What You Sign
  • If You Disagree With the Adjustments . . .
  • To Appeal or Not to Appeal . . .
  • How to Appeal
  • What's So Appealing?
  • Case Closed
  • Form 870: Waiver of Restrictions

Taking the IRS to Court

  • Petitioning the Tax Court
  • The Pros and Cons of Tax Court
  • Other Legal Recourses
  • To the Winner Belong Some Spoils

If You Lose the War

  • If You Don't Have the Money
  • Can You Expect a Repeat Audit?
Anti-Audit Warfare: How to Avoid or Beat an IRS Audit
Price: $39.95
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