Advanced Income Tax Accounting

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About This Course:
This course will examine more advanced accounting topics and how ASC 740 relates to them. It is intended for someone who has experience working with a company's tax provision.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Uncertain Tax Positions
  • International Issues including accounting for income taxes under IFRS
  • Interim Reporting
  • Intra Period Accounting
  • Stock Transaction


  • Objectives of the course and a review of the topics covered
  • Overview of related accounting concepts
  • Objectives of the standard
  • Initial recognition requirements
  • How to measure the amount recognized
  • Subsequent events
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Overview of the standards relating to business combinations
  • Comparison of the new standards versus the old standard
  • Treatment of goodwill
  • How a business combination effects a company's tax provision
  • Permanently reinvested earnings
  • Application of ASC 740 to foreign subsidiaries
  • Foreign currency issues
  • IAS 12 requirements
  • Calculating the annual ETR
  • Computing an interim tax provision
  • Discrete items
  • Allocation of taxes between continuing operations and others groups of income
  • Allocation of losses and credits between types of income
  • Rules for accounting for stock transactions
  • Tax rules for stock transactions
  • Effect stock transactions has on a company's tax provision
Advanced Income Tax Accounting
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