Advanced Auditing For In-Charge Auditors

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  • Managing Fieldwork
    • Definition Of Internal Auditing
    • Why IA Must Add More Value
    • Fieldwork Management: In-Charge's Perspective
    • Fieldwork Methodology Tools
    • Workpaper Review
    • Evaluation Samples
    • Overview Of Professional Standards
  • Auditing Concepts: The In-Charge's Perspective
    • Responsibilities Of The IA Department
    • Operational Vs. Financial/Compliance Auditing
    • Essentials Of Operational Auditing
    • The Audit Triangles
    • Questions Every Audit Should Attempt To Answer
  • The Changing Control Environment
    • Concentration On Key Controls
    • Examples Of The Changing Control Environment
    • Hard Controls Validation
    • Balance Risks And Controls
    • Examples Of Entity-Level Controls To Audit
    • Corporate Governance Overview
    • Control Environment To Avoid
    • Impact Of Updated COSO
  • Marketing And Selling Internal Audit
    • Key Factors In Marketing And Selling The Audit Function
    • Building A Strategy That Includes All Team Members
  • Preliminary Fieldwork And Program
    • Critical Role Of Preliminary Work
    • Planning Throughout Fieldwork
    • Areas To Consider For A More Productive Audit
    • Building The Audit Program
    • Criteria For Audit Programs
    • Varying The Audit Program With The Audit Scope
  • Risk Assessment Strategies
    • Concentrating On Significant Risks
    • Risk Assessment Defined
    • Differentiating Enterprise-Wide Risk From Audit Universe Risk And Individual Audit Risk
    • Differentiating Inherent Risk And Residual Risk
    • Criteria For Effective Risk Assessment Strategy
    • Risk Environment
    • Trends In Risk Assessment
    • Four Assets Of All Auditor Departments
    • Gross Risk And Net Risk
    • Risk Matrix - A Tool To Manage Your Audits
    • Audit Level Risk Assessment Factors
    • Do's And Don'ts In ERM
  • Applying Project Management To Internal Audit
    • Project Approaches To Audit Teams
    • Key Factors To Successful Audit/Project Management
    • The Audit/Project Planning Process
    • Using Project Management To Effectively Plan Audits
    • Time Estimates
    • Common Workflow Planning Problems
    • Audit/Project Leader's Responsibilities
    • Resource Management
    • Guidelines And Examples Of Good Audit/Project Management
    • Time Management Improvement Issues
  • Fraud Awareness
    • Incorporating Fraud Risks Into Audit Planning
    • Fraud Risk Assessment
    • What Constitutes Fraud
    • Antifraud Mantra: Prevention And Timely Detection
    • What To Do When You Suspect Fraud
    • Professional Standard
    • Areas Of Fraud Occurrence
    • Indicators Of Potential Fraud
    • Proven Techniques For Preventing And Detecting Fraud
    • Auditing The Tone At The Top
  • Effective Communications
    • Do's And Don'ts Of Effective Meeting Management
    • Trends In Audit Report Formats
    • Executive Summary Options
    • Recommendation Options
    • Guidelines For Issuing More Timely Reports
    • Closing Conference Strategies Currently In Practice
  • High-Profile Case Studies - Lessons Learned
    • Madoff
    • Enron
    • Allied Irish Bank
    • Tyco
    • ImClone/Martha Stewart
    • WorldCom
    • HealthSouth
    • Others
  • Improving The Productivity Of The Audit Process
  • Incorporating Best Practices Throughout The Audit Department
Advanced Auditing For In-Charge Auditors
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