Online CPA Training Courses Pay Off

CPAs or certified public accountants are licensed professionals. All states require CPAs to continue their education. The continued education courses allow accountants to maintain their licenses. Renewal of the license is also contingent upon completing courses. While there are many ways to take a CPA training course, online training is the most popular.

Why Take CPA Training Courses

training classes for accountantsTo become a CPA, a person must pass an exam to get a license. The State Board of Accountancy in every state requires that all CPAs take continuing education courses. The number of courses or credits varies from state to state, but in most cases, an accountant must take at least 20 credit hours every year to remain licensed.

CPA Training Methods

While classroom training at a university is an option for CPAs, it is also possible to take continuing education courses at professional conferences. These annual conferences are often held by accounting organizations that require membership. With conferences a CPA has to travel to the place the conference is held. While this may be fun if Hawaii is the destination, a conference in Detroit during winter isn’t. The training option that offers the most flexibility is online CPA training course

The Advantages of Online Training

One of the main advantages for taking an online CPA training course is that it is convenient. All a person needs is a computer. This means a CPA has access to the course twenty-hours a day, and from anywhere that has a computer. Another advantage of online learning is that a CPA can take the course at her own pace. She can work fro 30 minutes and then stop if she wants. While in a classroom or at a conference, a CPA don’t have this flexibility. For busy accountants with family responsibilities as well, online courses are an effective way to meet the continuing education requirements needed to keep the CPA license.

Where to Take Online Training Courses

There are many organizations that offer online training courses for CPAs. Some universities offer distance learning for professionals such as accountants. Some accounting associations also offer online training courses. There are also businesses devoted to keeping CPAs current in the latest accounting trends and procedures. One such online source is the This online training center offers a wide range of courses such as forensic accounting, taxation and auditing.

For CPAs to meet licensing requirements, there are a few ways to continue their education. Taking online CPA training courses is often the best option for the most people.