How to Become a Certified Payroll Administrator

Working in the payroll industry can be a very overwhelming career. There are so many regulations and requirements for wages, garnishments, deductions, reimbursements, and more that it can be difficult for anyone to remain current in their training. After payroll professionals have been working for a few years, they begin looking for ways to update their education and greatly improve their careers in the process. Becoming a certified payroll administrator can be the answer for those individuals who are seeking a distinguished designation in their profession. By achieving the certified payroll administrator certification you will be a highly sought after financial professional.

certified payroll administrator

Become a Certified Payroll Administrator with help from AB Training Center

At CPA Training Center, we offer a variety of courses to help you accomplish all the training requirements to become a certified payroll administrator. In these courses you will learn how to correctly decipher gross pay and make the proper deductions, which is essential in the payroll industry. You will also be taught how to complete all the guidelines for year-beginning and year-end requirements. Implementing audit, record retention, and disaster recovery procedures will be a simple feat after all the courses are completed. There is no shortage to the possibilities of new procedures and requirements you can achieve with the certified payroll administrator training.

All of our courses at CPA Training Center are offered in a variety of formats that are designed to help students study in ways best suited for their individual needs. All courses are available online and allow students to study at their own pace without having to move their schedules around to fit in the training. Interactive Q&A sessions, given examples, and several administrative tips are provided throughout the courses as a way to measure your comprehension and progress along the way. Once you’ve enrolled in our courses, you will gain a full year of access to payroll content. After you achieve the certified payroll administrator designation, CPA Training Center will provide you with free updates when laws change in order to get your certification up to date.

Please contact the CPA Training Center to enroll in certified payroll administrator training courses today. Once you sign up for our classes, you will have instant access to course content and lessons. Study at your own convenience and enjoy the journey as you expand your knowledge of payroll and all its rules and regulations. Becoming a certified payroll administrator is a huge accomplishment for any payroll professional, so take pride in obtaining this wonderful certification.