Trade Show Success: Post-Show Essentials

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About This Course:
Make no mistake, the post-show period is the most neglected and the most lucrative opportunity in the trade show game.

This is when you can outstrip your competitors and propel your business forward like never before - if you have the right strategy and execution!

Learning Objectives

Get ready to score big with the tactics presented in this information rich program!

With our "Trade Show Success: Post-Show Essentials" program, you wil learn why follow-up is the golden key to success, and how to do it effectively. You'll discover the power of momentum, and why it can do more for your marketing efforts than any amount of money.

You'll also see how every trade show gives you priceless practical education and pays you to get it!

  • After the show, reap your rewards
  • Tearing down is just the beginning
  • Follow-up - your forgotten goldmine
  • How to keep your marketing momentum
  • Closing sales weeks after the event
  • Debrief your team and reward success
  • Learn from the last show, plan the next

You Receive:

  • Informational DVD with instructional content
  • interviews from the Trade Show industries' leading experts
  • Instructional PowerPoint CD-ROM that summarize essential areas for learning and action
  • Resource Guide of tools and worksheets
  • Team Leaders Guide containing practical and informative directions to lead your team to trade show success!

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Trade Show Success: Post-Show Essentials
Price: $195.00
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