The Tool Kit of Best Customer Service Practices

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About This Course:
They say there is the right tool for every job-and that doesn't just apply to carpenters!  In this challenging economy , building a solid customer base takes skill and the correct "Power Tools"-solid communication and service practices that will keep your customers happy.

The Tool Kit of Best Customer Service Practices will provide you with an instruction manual on how to create bridges to better customer relationships, including a "repair kit" when communication goes wrong. We'll hammer home the communication basics that make a difference, nail down phrases and practices that will help customers to commit to the next level, and discuss ways to weld a more solid and long lasting customer relationship.

What You Will Learn:

  • The psychology of the customer mind set
  • The three "C's" of positive communication-Consciousness, Caring, and Change
  • The top ten tools for proven customer service
  • Ways misunderstandings occur and how to avoid them
  • Seven key communication practices that will turn any situation around
  • A six-step utility "tool" for problem solving
  • The top six practices of true professionals
  • The key tool for understanding customer "point of view"
  • The top two tools for turning conflict into cooperation: blending and redirecting
  • Tools for bringing out the best in the worst-the tornado, the sneaky stormer, the knows-everything person, the thinks-they-know-everything person, the yes person, the no person, the maybe person, and the whatever person
  • The "Elevator Speech" for selling, cross-selling, and up-selling

Who Should Attend

New Accounts Representatives, Secretaries, Receptionists, Tellers, Teller Service Representatives, Teller Supervisors, Customer Service Representatives, Telephone Service Representatives, Branch Managers, Loan Officers and any other customer contact personnel.

The Presenter

Margaret DeMarino is a corporate trainer, specializing in the area of written and verbal communication, supervisory skills, administrative training, and customer service. Known for her functional webinars and workshops filled with practical pointers, Ms. DeMarino offers workshops and webinars to a wide range of clients including, banks and financial institutions, manufacturing companies, state and federal government agencies, and others.

Ms. DeMarino holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from the University of Dayton and was a Fellow of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute at Yale University. She also currently free-lances for the Hartford Courant.

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