The Art of Customer Service Communication

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About This Course:
Communicating well is a definite must in today's banking environment. Whether it's telling a customer something he or she would rather not hear, dealing with a difficult co-worker, or pitching an idea to your boss, knowing what to say and how to say it can go a long way toward your success. This course is power-packed with tips, techniques, and examples of how to communicate well in ways that get results.

Expected Outcomes:

  • You will gain a comfort level in communicating well under a variety of situations
  • You will learn a repertoire of "default language" to help you through sticky situations
  • You will learn how to implement great customer service practices
  • You will learn what to say to soothe customers, be clear in what you want, and be diplomatic


  • Learn 14 key communication practices
  • Learn how to be focused and get rid of the fluff
  • Learn how to adapt communication to personality type
  • Discover the value of the "I" statement
  • Understand how to use transition and summary statements
  • Develop assertive communication skills
  • Learn how to "read" a person by observing body language

Who Should Attend?
This course is a must for anyone who deals regularly with customers/members.

The Presenter
Margaret DeMarino is a corporate trainer, specializing in the area of written and verbal communication, supervisory skills, administrative training, and customer service. Known for her functional webinars and workshops filled with practical pointers, Ms. DeMarino offers workshops and webinars to a wide range of clients including, banks and financial institutions, manufacturing companies, state and federal government agencies, and others. Ms. DeMarino holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from the University of Dayton and was a Fellow of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute at Yale University. She also currently free-lances for the Hartford Courant.

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