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Techniques And Risks For Investing IRAs And Qualified Plan Rollovers

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Are you able to communicate to your clients the benefits and risks of investing qualified Plan and IRA assets in business startups and other private investments?

A growing number of IRA owners and recipients of qualified plan rollovers have sought to invest directly in real estate, small businesses, and start-ups that they or persons close to them may intend to manage or otherwise be personally involved in. This trend has accelerated in recent years as IRAs hold more than $6 trillion in assets and syndicators, entrepreneurs, private fund managers and franchisors have come to view IRAs and qualified plan rollovers as sources of capital. This trend raises significant enforcement issues for government regulators, especially with the advent of large Roth IRAs.

You will learn the common investment scenarios in this area, the rules that apply or may apply to them, and the associated issues, uncertainties and risks. We will discuss common issues in IRS audits, key court cases, and other important developments in this area.What You'll Learn:
  • Overview of IRA Economics and Requirements
  • Compliance Considerations of Self-Directed IRAs
    • Requirement That Assets Be Held in Trust or Custodial Account
    • Unrelated Business Taxable Income
    • Prohibited Transactions and Exemptions
    • Excess Contribution Issues
    • Listed Transactions
    • Practical Considerations
    • Roth IRAs
  • Common Investment Scenarios and the Issues They Raise
  • Checkbook IRAs
  • IRS 'ROBS' Memorandum and Guidelines
  • Key Court Cases and IRS Audit Techniques
Techniques And Risks For Investing IRAs And Qualified Plan Rollovers
or via CD or On-Demand
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