Tax Court Exam Prep

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About This Course:
Enhance Your Career By Gaining The Right To Represent Clients Before The US Tax Court

Significantly increase your chances of passing the Enrolled Agent Exam when you use our training materials. Since 2002, more than 80% of those who passed the Tax Court exam were our students, including 20 of the 23 who passed the 2018 exam (Note: only about 10% of candidates pass during each exam).

About Our Program

Our program includes a combination of self-study and Live Lecture sessions. It is designed to prepare tax professionals to pass the U.S. Tax Court exam, which is administered biannually.

Our self-study materials allow you to work at your own pace to review pertinent materials and complete applicable assignments. In our Live Lecture series, we present material in the four subject areas tested, including Practice and Procedure, Evidence, Legal Ethics, and Federal Taxation, along with test-taking strategies and a synopsis of Tax Court cases.

We teach you the key exam concepts and topics so you can still answer appropriately even when a question changes.

What You Receive:
  • Live Lectures
    Held in May, July, and November, these classes are each three days long and will cover all the topics that are one the Tax Court exam. You will receive additional relevant text materials for each live lecture. Materials are always updated before each live session so they provide current law, procedure and court cases.
  • Live & OnDemand webinars
    Live webinars on exam topics such as Federal Taxation, Evidence discovery, Corporations/partnerships, Depreciation, Alimony, and plenty more. OnDemand recordings are also available if you miss the live session or want a refresher.
  • Monthly Assignment Modules
    Laying the foundation of knowledge for the live sessions, you will work at your own pace to complete each assignment. You will be instructed on which new cases or text to read to complete the modules.
  • Recordings of Live Lectures
    Recordings of the live classes are available for anyone that can't attend the live class. If you miss any class, the text and other materials will be shipped to you for self-study.
  • Timed quizzes
    You'll receive weekly times quizzes that not only help you work on your testing time-management, but they will also help you familiarize yourself with the type of questions you're likely to see on the real exam. Quiz answers with the relevant law or Tax Court rule are also given the following week.
  • Student Forum
    Allowing you to interact with other student and instructors, this is a great resource if you have questions or want to form a study group with students in your area. Your monthly assignment modules will also be posted here as well as general information and updates to the program.
Reminder: Our Program Works!
20 of the 23 who passed the 2018 exam were our students
12 of the 16 who passed the 2016 exam were our students
19 of the 23 who passed the 2014 exam were our students
All 11 who passed the 2012 exam were our students!
All 8 who passed the 2010 exam were our students!
Tax Court Exam Prep
Price: $6,600.00
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