Stay Out of Firefighting: Preventing Crisis by Planning and Prioritizing

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About This Course:
We all seem to be overwhelmed, overworked, and overburdened today. Charged with doing more with less people, we find ourselves too often with time only to put out the fires that seem to constantly pop up around us instead of focusing on the big picture, developing people, planning and being proactive.

Those of us trying to stay ahead of the next crisis may resort to bringing work home with us or putting in long hours at the office. Unfortunately, it isn̢۪t long before we find ourselves stressed out, overtired, burned out, or used up.

Research has proven that when we become overly stressed, our quality of life drops to dangerously low levels. Physiology changes due to the stressors in our lives, our immune system takes a hit, and we become more susceptible to disease.

Not to mention the effects on employees and customers. Can we do our best work when we spend our time in crisis mode? Do we take the time to develop employees and prepare for obstacles, or do we just let the day happen, come what may? Do we then spend our time complaining about others or our overburdened lives instead of spending the time proactively and productively figuring out what needs to happen to get us past the crisis and into forethought?

This webinar is intended to offer thoughts and tools on how to get ahead of crisis mode and into planning and prioritizing.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to utilize foresight to stay focused on the big picture
  • Using the power of your intentions as a positive influence
  • Finding ways of staying out of fire-fighting by planning ahead
  • Making what is important, but not urgent a priority

Who Should Attend?
This webinar is ideal for anyone in a management or leadership role. However, everyone in a financial institution would benefit from this webinar.

The Presenter
Janice Branch has been a senior training consultant for InterAction Training Systems (ITS) for fifteen years. She is a very seasoned presenter that has all the right stuff to wow her participants about the subject matter. Prior to joining ITS, Janice was the Senior Manager of Training for Consolidated Communications where she managed, designed, coordinated and presented training programs for this multi-state telco with over 1000 employees.

Today Janice specializes in providing a select group of clients ongoing strategic planning, coaching and training therefore enabling the client to tap into Janice as a team member and part of the leadership of the company.

Janice is certified by the University of Houston in Leadership and Management. She is currently completing a course of study with the William Glasser Institute and will obtain certification in Reality Therapy.

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