Solving the Tax Puzzle Part III

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Price: $300.00
About This Course:
Are you a Newcomer to the tax field? Are you seeking to strengthen your understanding of current tax law changes?

Perhaps you've been in practice for decades
and just want a fun refresher to update
skills, learn some tricks and make
your tax practice more profitable!

This course is for those who wish to learn tax without taking the EA Exam.

Solving the Tax Puzzle, Part III (Representation, Practice and Procedures) is based on the Internal Revenue Code in effect for tax returns filed for the current tax season. BUT, the fundamental information you will learn is eternal. Only the limits change annually to confuse the taxpayers...(or to account for inflation).

The course will include TaxMama's special twists, teaching you more than tax law - you'll learn:

  • What it means to be a tax professional under IRS Circular 230
  • How to do Tax Research – and to understand what you find
  • Professional Ethics
  • IRS's Electronic Services and how to use them to your advantage
    Sanctions and Penalties – and how to defend against sanctions
  • How to prepare and use a Power of Attorney
  • How to prepare an Installment Agreement
  • How to prepare an Offer in Compromise
  • How to prepare your records for a tax Audit
  • How get liens and levies lifted
  • How to use the Appeals Process and Other Remedies
  • How to use Tax Court and when you must use the Federal Court System

Course Process

Each week, students will receive an email with two lessons; each will include:

  • A written lecture (may be printed out)
  • An audio lecture (may be downloaded to an MP3 player)
  • Client profile with additional data to build your sample tax return
  • Discussion report - a compilation of student questions and e-mails received since the last class pertaining to lecture material and the sample tax returns
  • Links to forms and resources for the lesson

Course Outline

  • Lecture 1 - The big Picture – Overview of Circular 230 responsibilities and privileges and the POA
  • Lecture 2 - Juicy piece – E-Services – for enrolled and for unenrolled preparers
  • Lecture 3 - Worst piece – Sanction and Penalties and your defenses
  • Lecture 4 - Favorite piece – Legal Authority and Research, Statutes, Communications, FOIA
  • Lecture 5 - Fascinating piece- Working with Non-Filers
  • Lecture 6 - Mystery piece – Getting ready for an audit
  • Lecture 7 - Reconciling Piece – Reviewing the Audit Workpapers
  • Lecture 8 - Fixing piece – What to do after a bad audit – Appeals, mediation and…
  • Lecture 9 - Misunderstood piece- Collections – dealing with notices, unpaid taxes and balances due
  • Lecture 10 – Courtly piece – Tax Court and Beyond and Reviewing your Tax Court Petition
  • Lecture 11 – Shared piece – Reviewing your Forms 9465, 433s and 656
  • Lecture 12 – Making your piece – Final Questions and Pulling it all together

Course Materials

  • IRS Circular 230
  • 24/7 Study hall with links to key part 1 materials
  • Access to study buddies and study buddy teams
  • Free tax preparation software including free electronic filing to use for practice returns or real returns
  • TaxMama's® Ebook, The 100% Home-Based Business Tax Solution
  • Small Business Taxes Made Easy – paperback book
  • FreshBooks

You will get data from sample clients to input into your own tax software or forms. You will get profiles of different types of clients, with respective levels of complexity.

Solving the Tax Puzzle Part III
Price: $300.00
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