Series 63 Online Complete Course Set

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About This Course:
The course consists of instructional units that deliver the knowledge you need to pass your license exam, plus unit tests to evaluate your comprehension of the knowledge provided in the related instructional units.

The following graphic and interactive features are embedded in the units to highlight important testable topics, and provide tips and commentary to aid your comprehension:

  • For Example – provide situations and numerical instances of the material to illustrate a point for increased comprehension of difficult or technical topics
  • Take Note – tips and commentary that amplify important or unique points
  • Test Topic Alert – highlight content that is likely to appear on the Series 63 exam
  • Memory Master – aids designed to help you remember critical information
  • Activity – interactive exercises designed to enhance understanding and recall of important concepts through application
  • Quick Quizzes – test your understanding and retention of the material covered in a particular section
  • Unit Summary Hotsheets – review tools that provide a summary of the most critical unit concepts summarized in bullet-point format

Online Drill and Practice
The online Drill &Practice complements the Online Complete Course and gives students a database of exam-focused questions including:

  • Practice Exams – Hone test-taking skills by building your own practice exams from a database of hundreds of questions
  • Feedback – Rationale for each question that clarifies concepts and improves retention
  • Practice Finals – Simulate the actual securities license exam in proportional topic and weighting to help ensure exam readiness
  • History – Assess areas of strength and weakness by viewing scores on each exam section

Mid-Term Exam
The online Mid-Term Exam consists of 30 questions from the first half of the Series 63 material.

Answers and rationales for questions you missed are presented after the exam has been scored.

You will receive a total score and a score for each of the topics tested on the actual exam.

Mastery Exam A
The online Mastery Exam A is a 60 question multiple choice exam. The questions presented are randomly generated from a bank of questions.

This exam is built to replicate the topics tested on the actual Series 63 licensing exam. Your results are provided at completion of the simulated exam.

Answers and rationale for questions you missed are provided after the exam has been scored. You will receive a total score and a score for each of the topics tested on the actual exam.

Audio HotSheets (on CD)
Audio HotSheets are an excellent study tool, reinforcing the most testable points presented in the Dearborn study materials.

An overview of the most critical information from each unit is presented on CD. This is an audio CD that can be played on any standard CD player or a computer equipped with a CD-ROM drive and audio player utility.

Series 63 Online Complete Course Set
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