Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA)

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About This Course:
The Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) program equips you with a substantial overview of the most critical concepts in financial planning and wealth management, without the rigors of preparing for the CFP® exam.

The Qualified Financial Advisor designation is ideal for persons who are involved with customer transactions and recommendations of all financial services products.

Also, the successful completion of this course allows a QFA certificant to exempt out of the first part (Module 1) of the Accelerated Certificate In Financial Planning program for the CFP® Certification Examination!

Curriculum Overview

  • Self-paced certificate program comprising 13 courses, all delivered online via on-demand videos
  • Video courses can be reviewed conveniently-anytime, anywhere
  • Industry-leading content by expert instructors; all of whom are CFP® professionals
  • Each course can be completed in approximately 8-12 hours and includes a corresponding online multiple-choice review quiz
  • Excellent student support by academic advisors to help learners focus on their goals
  • Upon completing an online final 60-question exam with a score of 70% or higher, a certificate of completion is awarded

Course Content

  • Course 1: Fundamental Considerations In The Wealth Management Process
    Reviews the relevant principles to consider in the asset allocation process; investment strategies; explanations and examples of basic time value of money computations; basic tax implications; retirement and estate planning.

  • Course 2: Time Value Of Money Principles
    Introduces present and future value applications and how they relate to the financial planning practice; use of the financial function calculator; loan, mortgage, and lease payment calculations.

  • Course 3: Measurement Of Risk And Return
    Analyzes the risk/return relationship of investments; statistical measurements of a portfolio's risk and performance; explains selected portfolio management techniques.

  • Course 4: Asset Allocation Process
    Examines returns of various asset classes over specified time horizons; discusses practical approaches to asset allocation; evaluates various situations to determine optimal asset allocation strategies.

  • Course 5: Investment Strategies
    Examines various types of investment strategies; calculates historical returns of equity and fixed income investments; assesses the performance of assets within a portfolio; and discusses the use of selected portfolio management techniques, value investing, and growth stock investing.

  • Course 6: Tax Implications And Strategies In The Financial Planning Process
    Examines the tax consequences of individual stocks, bonds, insurance-based products, real estate ownership, and derivatives; identifies tax opportunities and strategies based on client profiles; also looks at income tax systems, tax filing statuses, AMT (alternative minimum tax), and other tax calculations.

  • Course 7: Credit And Lending
    Provides an overview of credit and debt and presents issues to consider when selecting and securing a mortgage. Collateralized loans, loan options for education expenses and financing options available to affluent investors are also discussed.

  • Course 8: Insurance Products In Wealth Management
    Explains the concepts used in an insurance needs analysis. Personal and business uses of insurance are also discussed, as well as types of insurance available to clients, long-term care insurance, liability policies, and annuity contracts.

  • Course 9: Education Funding
    Discusses the various planning techniques available to meet education costs. Education funding vehicles, such as the American Opportunity Tax Credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit, and Section 529 plans are also presented.

  • Course 10: Business Ownership And Planning
    Examines characteristics of the types of business entities for various circumstances, as well as the financing, operation and disposition of closely held corporations.

  • Course 11: Retirement Planning Considerations
    Describes the basic steps in the retirement planning process and identifies possible sources of retirement income; discusses the basic provisions of employer-sponsored retirement plans and Social Security, and the use of traditional and Roth IRAs in retirement planning.

  • Course 12: Equity Compensation
    Explains incentive stock options, non-qualified stock options, and the tax consequences of each; restricted stock, stock appreciation rights (SARs) and employee stock purchase plans; purpose and benefits of nonqualified deferred compensation plans.

  • Course 13: Estate Planning
    Presents the most important reasons for estate planning, with descriptions of the various tools used to meet the estate wishes of clients. Includes a discussion of tax consequences of charitable deductions, trusts, asset titling, and tax credits.

The Ideal Participant

The QFA course is ideal for the following financial professionals:

  • Agents or Advisors who wish to pursue the CFP designation and want to try one module prior to making the full 6-module commitment
  • Persons supporting customer transactions and making recommendations about diverse financial services products
  • New hires not ready for the rigorous process of securing the CFP® certification
  • Experienced producers/financial planners who are transitioning from product sales into more consultative planning roles
  • High-level platform personnel and sales assistants

The program is designed for the busy professional, allowing one to study from the home, office, or on the road - plan your study schedule around your needs!

If you would like to learn more about the QFA designation or further requirements, click here.


After registering for the program, you will receive an email within 24 hours that includes your online access instructions. The entire course is presented in an online curriculum; there are no other textbooks or manuals that candidates are required to purchase.

Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA)
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