Overcoming Negativity on the Frontline

Webinar: ID# 1000640
About This Course:
In this two hour workshop, we will help you learn how to contend with burnout, gossip, unprofessional behavior, employee and customer conflicts, and poor attitudes.

Managers will learn how to get the frontline teaming instead of steaming, choosing actions instead of reacting, choosing a good attitude to avoid burnout, making gossip only familiar tabloid fodder, and resolving conflicts instead of letting them lead to explosions.


  • Impression Management
  • Choosing and sending a positive attitude
  • Why employee satisfaction is key to losing burnout
  • How to resolve conflict without destroying the relationship

What you will learn:

  • How to build fun into the job
  • How attitude is a choice we make everyday
  • The importance of impressions and image
  • How to send clear messages
  • Saying the right thing
  • How to be more effective in dealing with gossip and cliques
  • How to handle conflicts with customers and coworkers
  • How behavior affects everyone

Who Should Attend
All supervisory and management staff that lead front-line personnel, or are expected to affect the culture of the institution would benefit from this workshop. Frontline personnel responsible for working together as a team would benefit. Anyone who has customer contact either in person or over the phone would benefit from this workshop.

The Presenter
Janice Branch has been a senior training consultant for InterAction Training for over fifteen years. Whether it is teaching how to coach, manage, lead, negotiate, service, sell or train at every level in an organization or if it is consulting on problem solving and servant leadership, Janice is the "go-to" person every bank wants to hear from. Participants appreciate her "been there, done that" humor along with her expert ability to facilitate learning.

Today Janice specializes in providing a select group of clients ongoing strategic planning, coaching and training therefore enabling the client to tap into Janice as a team member and part of the leadership of the company.

Janice is certified by the University of Houston in Leadership and Management. She has also received certifications from Achieve Global and Development Dimensions Inc.

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