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New Payroll Tax Requirements For 2018: How To Update Your Payroll System To Comply With New Tax Regulations

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The White House said it wants businesses to make withholding adjustments by February 15, the Washington Post reported. But before employees start seeing more money in their paychecks, the IRS needs to issue the new withholding tables (during an already-hectic time of year from a payroll standpoint).

Also, a variety of new tax rules have already been set for 2018, including a hike in the maximum amount of earnings subject to Social Security payroll tax. It's important that you're able to clearly communicate how payroll changes, such as deduction limits for retirement and fringe benefit plans, affect your workforce.

And that's not all, in addition to tax rate changes from the federal government, employers need to know what changes to municipal or state taxes may affect them, including withholding state income taxes and unemployment taxes.

Get 2018 started on the right foot by learning what to look out for as you prepare your payroll systems for the year ahead, and get useful tips on how to stay on top of what's changing.

Join us for an all-new webinar with Elizabeth Bystrom, CPA, who will provide an in-depth review of new payroll tax changes from the federal government and examples of the types of local laws to watch out for, so you're well prepared to address changes necessary for your own payroll systems.

You'll learn:
  • Where the IRS stands on issuing new withholding tables, and a possible ETA
  • How to review and stay on top of upcoming payroll tax changes for 2018
  • Necessary changes to make to your payroll system to comply with new tax regulations
  • How to inform employees who will be affected about the changes they'll see on their check stubs-and how to tell them about changes to their 401(k) contributions
  • How to prepare for changes that will affect your bottom line
  • How to determine what state taxes may apply and whether there are changes in those rates as well
  • And much more!
About Your Presenter:

Elizabeth Bystrom, CPA
Elizabeth Bystrom CPA, Ltd.

Elizabeth Bystrom CPA of Elizabeth Bystrom CPA, Ltd., located in Stillwater, Minnesota, is licensed as a CPA in the State of Minnesota, has spent 17 years explaining the Internal Revenue Code to non-tax people in such a way that they actually understand what she is saying. In 2010, her entrepreneurial voice finally grew too loud to ignore and she made the leap to small business owner. She went to work building from the ground up a firm that specializes in small business and individual tax consulting. Her belief is that the right combination of good communication, good information and good advice is the foundation for good decisions. Today, her firm offers more than just the traditional tax preparation services, offering growth services such as tax planning, business coaching and QuickBooks training.

Ms. Bystrom leverages her professional experience and the latest technology to maintain a work/life balance that suits both her clients and family alike. Her experiences as a spokesperson for the MN State Society of CPA's, as well as a snow board instructor add a richness to her unique brand. Her natural approachability, combined with her open and honest style has allowed her to build a practice unlike any other. Her collaborative process in dealing with her clients provides them with the opportunity to be tax-aware and make smarter decisions in all areas of daily life.
New Payroll Tax Requirements For 2018: How To Update Your Payroll System To Comply With New Tax Regulations
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