How To Protect Against Debit and Credit Card Fraud

Webinar: ID# 1000600
About This Course:
Operational losses attributable to fraud - specifically debit and payment channel fraud - are changing right in front of our eyes, and at a pace that threaten both your accounts and the reputational integrity of your financial institution.

Please join us as we explore why your "sales market" is local, but your "risk market" is global, and what this means to the risk management strategies for your plastic card portfolio.

Please join this program to elevate your knowledge of the perils you face today, with suggestions for change to protect your institution.What You'll Learn:
  • Discover what you need to do to protect your bank and card portfolio
  • Learn about the evolution of fraud in the marketplace and its impact on your financial institution
  • Gain insight into why PIN based fraud is growing
  • Understand Plastic Card Fraud and the impact of Organized Crime
  • Develop ideas for a more robust fraud detection strategy for your institution
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