Getting Along With the Hard to Get Along With

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About This Course:
Headache Remedies and Other Pain Relievers for Dealing with Difficult Behavior

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed! Ever said that? Most of us that deal with the public find there are just some people that are impossible! This program will provide you with excellent self management techniques and coaching tactics on dealing with the challenging people issues that frequent the workplace.

This program will examine the groundwork that must be laid in your branch or your department in order for you to help negative or difficult people see that what they are doing isn't working. If you are ready to put an end to allowing people who sabotage teamwork or those that can't quit whining or the folks you seem to dread or the ones that don't pull their load this program is for you!  How about those customers that are demanding or demeaning?

You will enjoy hearing Honey Shelton, one of the nation's top coaching trainers, discuss ideas and solutions for improving communication, teamwork, production and morale. Have your pen handy as you take note of how to master getting along with the hard to get along with!

What We Will Cover:

  • Helping those you influence see and manage their behavior
  • Understanding yourself & others - motivation, how it works
  • Creating effective boundaries
  • Creating a work environment everyone wants to work in
  • Choice Theory - what it is, how to apply it
  • Ground rules, expectations and goals
  • Coaching - what works, what doesn't work
  • Consequences vs. punishment
  • Effective dialog techniques - what to say, how to say it
  • The WDEP approach to creating enviable relationships
  • Follow-through that sparks change

Who Should Attend
Trainers, supervisors, assistant supervisors, anyone with responsibility for coaching others on how to succeed in dealing with others.

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