Excel Training: Conditional Formatting

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About This Course:
Conditional formatting is one of the most under-appreciated features in Excel. It allows you to identify duplicate or unique items on a list, or to filter lists based on formatting that you have applied.

With just a few mouse clicks you can use Conditional Formatting to enliven your data with icons, in-cell graphs, or colors so that you can see patterns in your data. After this session you'll never look at lists of data the same way again.

This course is taught by Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA - who is also the Tech Editor-at-Large for AccountingWEB. David will teach from primarily from Excel 2010, but will demonstrate new features in Excel 2013 when warranted, as well as disclose any differences in Excel 2007. Coverage of Excel 2003 will be limited to questions raised by the audience.What You'll Learn:
  • Use the Quick Analysis feature in Excel 2013 to get a jump start with conditional formatting
  • Use Conditional Formatting to identify unprotected worksheet cells
  • In Excel 2007 and later use the Filter feature in conjunction with conditional formatting to filter by color or cell icon
  • Use Conditional Formatting to identify duplicate values in a list
  • See how the Quick Analysis feature in Excel 2013 empowers any use to get started with Conditional Formatting
  • Understand the nuances that sometimes apply to using Conditional Formatting successfully
  • Identify groups of data by using color scales, data bars, and cell icons
  • Filter data based on conditional formatting
  • Use Excel's CEILING function with Conditional Formatting to color code rows in groups of 3, 5 or whatever number you choose
  • Use Conditional Formatting to identify unlocked cells that the user can enter data into
  • Transform dates and numbers into various formats without retyping by way of custom number formats
Excel Training: Conditional Formatting
Available 12:00 till 1:30pm Eastern or On-Demand format
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