CIA Review Course on DVD w/ Electronic Workbooks - Parts I-IV

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About This Course:
The Lambers CIA Review is a 60-Hour Video Course containing everything you need to know to pass the CIA exam!

Each part comes complete with DVD video lessons and accompanying workbook in PDF format with outlines and questions.

You'll Receive:

  • DVD Lessons
    The video lessons place empahasis on understanding the concepts and principles crucial to success, reinforcing those concepts by working hundreds of questions, and learning valuable exam-taking techniques which can add as much as 15-20 points to your score.
  • PDF Workbooks
    The workbook is in PDF format, embedded in your DVD. It contains lecture notes, outlines, and sample questions. The workbooks also offer areas to take notes while you view the lectures.

The Lambers CIA Review course will reduce homework time, increase your retention of key topics and sharpen your answering skills. The end result of this proven method is confidence- the confidence you need to pass!

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CIA Review Course on DVD w/ Electronic Workbooks - Parts I-IV
Price: $1,199.95
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