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Agriculture Tax Update

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Agricultural producers and landowners have unique tax issues and rules that apply to them. This live webinar focuses on numerous key aspect of agricultural taxation and provides attendees with tools designed to better represent their agricultural clients.

Unique depreciation techniques, deferred sales of ag products and self-employment tax issues abound in agriculture and are just some of the issues addressed in this webinar.

Insight into current IRS audit issues and compliance target areas of importance to farm and ranch returns is also provided. Learn the detailed rules and how to take advantage of them for your ag clients!


Significant New Cases and Rulings

Domestic Production Deduction

Commodity Transactions

Farm Income Averaging

Gifting of Grain and Paying Ag Wages In-Kind

CRP Self-Employment Tax Update

Deferred Livestock and Grain Sales

Final Repair Regulations

Taxation of Crop Insurance Benefits

Timber Tax Issues

About The Presenter

Roger A. McEowen
  • Director of the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation, Ames, Iowa
  • Wrote, Principles of Agricultural Law, a law school/undergraduate textbook on agricultural law that is updated twice annually
  • Wrote or co-wrote two BNA Tax Management Portfolios involving various aspects of agricultural taxation
  • Conducts on average of 80-100 seminars annually
  • The website for the Center for Agricultural Taxation and Law is the most widely accessed website involving agricultural tax and legal issues -
Agriculture Tax Update
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Course Details
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