Administering ACT! Software Training Class

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This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

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About This Course:
Our Administering ACT! Training Class covers features found in both Premium and Standard versions of ACT! Software. All of our instructors are Sage Certified Act! Premier trainers.

So you can learn how to setup up and administer data base security, administration and perform data synchronization.

This specialized one day class is designed to fill you in on the most powerful features and cutting edge capabilities for ACT! By SAGE. Come and become an expert in working with ACT! Software.

Course Outline

The Basics:
So You Get to be the ACT! Administrator, ACT! vs. ACT! Premium, Premium Version Editions, Log on, Opening a Database, Setting Up For Class, Opening Other Databases, Contact Record Basics Review, The Anatomy of a Contact Record, The "My Record" Contact Record, Our Practice Database

Setting Up:
Using Available Documentation, Using the ACT! Knowledge Base, Setting Up a Multi-User Database, Examining Structure, File Structure, Directory Structure, Transferring the Database, Enable Share on Existing Database

Configuring &Installing Workstations:
Pre-Install Checklist, Do you have right ACT! version?, Is your other software compatible?, Meet Minimum System Requirements?, Verify 2GB Free Space, Ensure File/Printer Sharing Enabled, Set System Restore Point, Verify Local Administrator Rights, Pre-Install Tasks, Create install folder, Uninstall earlier versions, Installing on Workstations, Applying Some Performance Tweaks, Understand/Modify User Preferences, File Locations for Multi-User Database, Setting Up E-mail System in ACT!

Database Security:
Database Security, Understanding Security Roles, Custom Permissions, Creating New Logon Users, Making Users Inactive, Password Management, Defining a Global Password Policy, Overriding Password Policy for Indiv, Setting a Password for Yourself, Team Management, Limiting Contact Access, Assigning Limited Access to a Lookup, Lookup Contacts by Access, "Managers" Team, Changing Security for Multiple Items, Field Security

Database Administration:
General Database Maintenance, Automatic Update Notification, Back Up, Automatically Backing Up Database, Manually Backing Up Your Database, Restoring a Backup, Deleting a Database, Check and Repair, Scheduling Database Maintenance, Checking the ACT! Scheduler Log, Importing an Excel File, Converting the Excel File to .CSV file, Importing a .CSV File into ACT!, Cleaning up the Data, Duplicates, Tips for Dealing with Duplicates, Combine Duplicate Records, Changing Default Duplicate Checking, Edit, Replace, Edit, Swap or Copy Fields, Remove Old Data, Events

Advanced Lookups:
Activity Data Mining, Queries, Lookup By Example, Advanced Queries, And/Or Revisited, Grouping, Deleting, Query Files, Creating/Populating a Group or Company, Adding Multiple Contacts to a Group, Advanced Queries, Companies/Groups

Synchronization Maintenance:
Synchronizing Databases, Administrator Tasks - Preparation, Determine/Setup Connection Method, Define Remote User(s), Restore Database to Final Location, Administrator Tasks - Creating Sync DB, Enable Synchronization, Manage Sync Sets, Create Remote Databases, Prepare the Remote Database(s), Administrator Tasks - Turning on Sync, Setting Up Application Sync, Setting Up the Network Sync Service, Setting Up Internet Sync, User Tasks - Remote Database, Modifying Setup for Internet Sync, Synchronizing the Remote Database, Set Up a Sync Schedule with Scheduler, Using the Subscription List, Administrator - When Things Change, Moving Machines, Territory Realignment

Temporarily Disabling Sync, Synchronization Troubleshooting

User Roles and Permissions, Converting an older ACT! Database, Standard vs. Custom Conversion

Lunch and Certificate of Attendance are included with class. The features taught in this class will cover ACT Standard and ACT Premium software. Small classes and hands on 1 person per PC.


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed or you come back for FREE! Guarantee applies to repeating the same class within 60 days of original attendance.

Cancellation Policy

Course cancellation must be received in writing 5 days prior to course date to be eligible for refund, and is subject to a $50 administrative fee. The class may be rescheduled with no administrative fee.
Continuing Education Credits:

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Administering ACT! Software Training Class
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