Accounting For Non-Accountants

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About This Course:

Learn Accounting Skills!

Are you frustrated because you can't communicate adequately with your accountant or bookkeeper? Or, perhaps you are an accounting manager who needs to provide staff training in accounting? This beginner's course will help you to unlock the mystery of accounting!

Accounting For Non-Accountants will provide you with a core knowledge of how small business financial statements are organized, prepared, and analyzed; the process of double-entry accounting, and the basis for how debits and credits work.

Its unique teaching approach makes learning accounting much easier than ever before. Each unit of accounting knowledge is simple to comprehend and builds upon what was previously learned.

Course Curriculum

Accounting for Non-Accountants is an online course that requires no textbook or live instructor. It is a self-paced tutorial that can be taken conveniently in your own home or office.

The course is taught in the format of a seminar. It is a dialogue between a teacher and seven students; there are six phases to the course:

  • Phase I - Accounting Environment
  • Phase II - Accounting Principles
  • Phase III - Accounting Elements
  • Phase IV - Accounting Tools
  • Phase V - Accounting Practice Example
  • Phase VI - Accounting Analysis

In Phases One - Four, you will learn accounting "theory" and background, concepts, principles, techniques, tools, and tips.

Phase Five is the "practice" set - you will learn how to value and buy a business; set up your books from scratch as a sole proprietor; convert physical events into accounting transactions using the general journal; record entries from all the journals into the general ledger; and, create a set of financial statements.

Phase Six helps you understand how to interpret the data you have compiled so that it will become a useful management tool.

Course Format

The course is designed for the busy professional. Each self-study section can be completed is less than 30 minutes. You can ask questions via email to the author and receive a reply within 24 hours.

At the end of each study section is a short quiz or "memory jogger" to reinforce what you have just learned. You must pass the quiz to move on in the course. At the end of the course you will be entitled to a Certificate of Completion upon request.

The course is strictly Internet-based; there are no other textbooks, CDs or course materials that you are required to purchase.

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Accounting is the underlying fundamental of all business. Whether you are a business owner, treasurer, loan or bank personnel, financial planner, bookkeeper or office staff employee, you will benefit from this fast and easy introduction to accounting!'

Accounting For Non-Accountants
Price: $99.00
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