89 Tax Strategies Your Clients Will Love

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Far too often, competent tax practitioners wait for revenue to roll in without taking any sales-building steps. But if you can proactively show your clients and prospects strategic ways to cut their tax bills, you'll solidify your existing relationships and start building new ones. And that will trickle down to the bottom line.

Get the 51-page special report, which includes all the relevant tax law changes over the past decade, covers a wide range of tax-planning ideas for individual taxpayers, business owners, investors, retirees and those nearing retirement—a broad client base for your practice. No stone is left unturned.

You'll find 89 IRS-approved tax-reduction strategies that your clients will love because each could save them thousands of dollars.


  1. Begin With the Best Tax-Free Devices
  2. Dig Deep for Every Deduction Below the Surface
  3. Strategies for Business Owners
  4. Build Tax-Sheltered Wealth in Retirement Plans
  5. Tax-Wise Estate Planning
  6. Tax-Wise Investing Strategies
  7. Finding Opportunities in Real Estate
  8. Get More Mileage From T&E Deductions
  9. Fine Points: Tax Havens
89 Tax Strategies Your Clients Will Love
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