43 Tax Strategies to Save Taxes Year-Round

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About This Course:
There's no such thing as "tax season." If you want to keep all the money you're entitled to, you need to know how to fight the tax battle year-round.

Reduce your tax liability with 43 of the best strategies that are completely legal – and will save you thousands.

Here are just a few of the more than three dozen tips you'll discover:

  • Strategy 1: Audit-proof charitable write-offs
  • Strategy 4: Uncover 35 'hidden' medical deductions
  • Strategy 14: Summer trips: Combine business with pleasure
  • Strategy 19: Obtain 'tax insurance' for investments
  • Strategy 28: Avoid a tax 'soaking' on stock sales
  • Strategy 37: Avoid paying estimated-tax penalties
  • Strategy 41: Switch your business driving habits

Are there tax breaks for online stock trading? Is there a way to audit-proof your charitable deductions? Can you still claim college graduates as dependents? Yes, yes, and yes – IF you know how...

Any ONE of these techniques could save you a ton of money at year's end. Yet 43 Tax Strategies to Save Taxes Year-Round gives them ALL to you – in one convenient, easy-to-manage source. And to make planning and managing easier than ever, we've divided the report into three sections:

  • Part I Jan.–April: Tax Return Planning
  • Part II May–Aug.: Midyear Tax Planning
  • Part III Sept.–Dec.: Year-End Tax Planning

Why pay more than you have to? 43 Tax Strategies to Save Taxes Year-Round will show you how to put more money in your pocket – and less in Uncle Sam's.

43 Tax Strategies to Save Taxes Year-Round
Price: $49.99
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