12 Ways to Boost Your Practice's Profits

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About This Course:
Kick-start your practice-building program with the top marketing steps that every successful tax firm uses — from creating a basic marketing plan to establishing yourself as a financial guru. This 12-page special report gives you proven tactics that you can implement immediately with no marketing experience.

In today's competitive climate, marketing isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. That's why we've developed this overview to effectively help you reach your long-term business goals.

You'll discover:

  • The benefits of using a promo kit
  • How to advertise your services without the use of a professional ad agency
  • The best sources for referrals
  • How to use the media as a marketing tool
  • How oral marketing can be as effective as written marketing, and how the two can go hand in hand
  • Why marketing your practice may improve your
  • workplace
  • The importance of creating a mission statement
  • How distributing newsletters and handouts can help you hold onto customers
  • Ways your involvement in your community – either publicly or behind the scenes – can increase your business
  • Ways to reach your customers through e-mail and other online communication
  • How to go about developing an annual marketing plan
  • How to use direct mail, and how to determine whether you're profiting from it

Table of Contents:

  • Develop an Annual Marketing Plan
  • Advertise Your Services
  • Improve Your Workplace Inside and Out
  • Use Direct Mail to Drum Up Business Referrals
  • Assemble a Promo Kit for Inquiries
  • Distribute Client Newsletters and Handouts
  • Use E-mail to Communicate With Clients
  • Create an Informative Web Site
  • Speak Out on Behalf of Your Practice
  • Expand Potential Sources of Referrals
  • Involve Yourself in the Community
  • Create Buzz Through the Media

Most tax practitioners aren't marketing-savvy, but that's okay. A lot of fundamental marketing ideas are based on persistence and common sense. Using a logical, thorough and systematic approach, you can reach a maximum level of effectiveness. And with this book, you'll gain confidence to build your business using new methods you may never have considered before.

12 Ways to Boost Your Practice's Profits
Price: $49.99
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