Accounting Rules For Business Combinations And Other Consolidation Issues

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About This Course:
Acquisition of a business may occur infrequently and when a company buys a new business, or a company is acquired, the accountant may be asked to record the transaction.

They may not understand how to get started to account for the transaction in accordance with US GAAP or how to prepare documentation that will satisfy the company's auditor.

This webinar helps the person responsible for accounting for acquisitions of a business and consolidations identify when a business acquisition has occurred and understand key considerations in applying the accounting requirements for the acquisition.

This material also discusses key considerations when establishing a plan to tackle the complex accounting and valuation issues, and preparing for the company's auditor. Failure to consider key parts of the accounting guidance and properly plan and document a business acquisition often leads to wasted time, effort and frustration when undergoing a financial statement audit.


Applying the Definition of a Business
  • Existing Definition of a Business
  • Recent Changes to the Definition of a Business
  • Accounting Implications of the Change in the Definition of a Business
Determining the Transaction Price
  • Contingent Consideration
  • Employment Agreements
  • Acquisitions Without Transaction Prices
Accounting for Assets and Liabilities Acquired
  • Identifying Assets and Liabilities
  • Fair Value: Accountants Interaction With Valuation Specialists
  • The Effect of Income Taxes
  • Computing Goodwill or Gain
Pushdown Accounting
  • The Meaning of Pushdown Accounting
  • Choosing the Best Method
  • Addressing Transaction Costs and Reporting Matters
Common Control and Consolidation
  • Common Control Transactions
  • Acquisition of Variable Interest Entities
  • Impact of Adoption of the New Consolidation Guidance
About The Presenter

Mark Winiarski
  • Shareholder in the office of Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.
  • Practice emphasizes all aspects of audit and accounting
  • Conducts regular seminars and workshops on numerous subject matter areas including business combinations and consolidations
  • Wrote several publications related to the areas of business combinations and consolidations
  • Member of American Institute of CPAs (AICPA); Missouri Society of CPAs (MSCPA), Kansas Society of CPAs (KSCPA); Chair of the Technical Issues Group of the MSCPA
  • Master of accountancy and B.S. degree in accountancy, University of Missouri – Columbia; Certified Public Accountant
Accounting Rules For Business Combinations And Other Consolidation Issues
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