Opportunities and Challenges of The Unlimited Vacation Policy

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Many employers pay out staggering sums of unused vacation time to their employees and are burdened by the administrative headache of tracking exactly how much vacation time an employee accrues and how much they use.

More and more companies are now offering "unlimited vacation," which can be sold to current and prospective employees as part of a great place to work with abundant time off. Employers can benefit, moreover, by not having to pay out and no longer tracking unused vacation.

The economic and administrative pressures of the traditional vacation policy combined with the win-win appeal of unlimited vacation policies has caused a noticeable trend towards the new policy.

Find out the hidden risks of unlimited vacation policies and the traps that such policies pose to employers. Learn how employers can mitigate those risk and protect themselves after rolling out unlimited vacation policies.

This topic will help employers decide whether to stick with a traditional vacation policy or join other employers in offering unlimited vacation policies.


Traditional Vacation Policies
  • The Way Companies Have Traditionally Offered Vacation Benefits to Employees
  • Traditional Vacation Policies in "Accrual States," Where Vacation Accrues as Wages and Must Be Paid out
  • Traditional Vacation Policies in "Policy States," Where Vacation Benefits Completely Depend on Company Policy
The Benefits of Unlimited Vacation Policies
  • How Unlimited Vacation Policies Can Bolster Recruitment and Retention of Employees
  • How Unlimited Vacation Policies Can Eliminate Costly and Tedious Recordkeeping Requirements
  • How Unlimited Vacation Policies Can Avoid Expensive Vacation Payouts to Employees
The Risks of Unlimited Vacation Policies
  • Employee Disappointment
  • Employee Abuse of Policy
  • Policy Seen as Subterfuge Leading to Litigation and Disputes With State Agencies
How to Implement Unlimited Vacation Policies and Mitigate the Risk
  • Clear Polices
  • Managing Expectations
  • Maintain Work Standards
About The Presenter

Daniel Chammas, Esq.
  • Partner at Venable LLP in the Labor and Employment Practice Group
  • Focuses practice on “high stakes” litigation, defeating class certification in "off-the–clock violations," missed breaks, discrimination, employee misclassification, and consumer class actions
  • Litigated and resolved every type of employment dispute, including claims for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, unpaid wages, racial discrimination and representing management against union grievances
  • Advised clients on a whole array of employment issues, including terminating employees, drafting employee handbooks, and complying with California and federal wage and hour laws, as well as leave and disability rules; has also represented and counseled entertainment studios on their rights and obligations under various minimum basic agreements and talent deals
  • J.D. degree, Stanford Law School; B.A. degree, summa cum laude, University of California at Los Angeles
Opportunities and Challenges of The Unlimited Vacation Policy
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