Tips For Handling IRS Field Audits

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The IRS says their number of face-to-face audits have increased by 56 percent. The IRS generally reserves face-to-face individual audits for businesses and the most affluent individuals.

Football teams do not go to the Super Bowl without a plan. You shouldn't go to an audit without learning IRS audit procedures from a former IRS Revenue Agent, Manager, and Training Coordinator.

An IRS field audit located at the taxpayer's business or representative's office can be a long, time-consuming, expensive, and cumbersome event for a taxpayer whether an individual or business. Up front planning and organizing of records hopefully will result in presenting a good image to the Revenue Agent which usually results in the Agent limiting the scope and depth of their audit.


It's Not Possible to Over Plan
  • Meet With Client
  • Initial Information Document Requests (IDRs)
  • Review Records
  • Develop a Strategy
  • Research Potential Legal Issues in Advance
Size-Up the Agent
  • Education and Authority of IRS Agent
  • Know the Taxpayer's Rights
  • Read and Enforce the Internal Revenue Manual
Follow "Your Plan"
  • Discuss Agent's Plan and Time Line
  • Be Aware of Client's Records, Business Procedures, and Facts
  • Presentation of Records
  • Subsequent IDRs - Clarify Agent's Request
  • Schedule Meetings and Regularly Agree on Status
Actions Which Are Negotiable
  • Location of the Audit
  • Interviewing the Taxpayer
  • Tour of the Business
  • Third-Party Interviews
  • Summons of Records
Options When You Disagree With Agent's Findings
  • Agree, Disagree, Ignore
  • Meet With Manager
  • Request the Fast Tract Settlement Program
  • Make a Formal Appeal Request
About The Presenters

Greta P. Hicks, CPA
  • Former IRS Revenue agent and regional training coordinator
  • After a stint as tax manager for Ernst & Young, Greta started her own business and for 34 years her CPA practice has been limited to representing persons who have IRS problems
  • Wrote, "IRS Examination and Appeals Procedures" on as well as, pilot tester of on-line continuing education courses for Thomson-Reuters
  • Wrote a number of continuing education courses on IRS practice and procedures and has articles regularly published in professional as well as trade magazines
  • Has traveled the U.S. and taught tax update seminars as well as various “Inside the IRS” topics
  • Currently active on the Texas Society of CPAs’ IRS Relations Committee and is former coordinator of Houston’s IRS/Practitioner Study Group
  • Serves on the Editorial Board of the Texas Society of CPAs and is tax editor of Today’s CPA
Tips For Handling IRS Field Audits
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